Sensata Bulgaria Picks up Factory of the Year Award

Team Sensata in Bulgaria is celebrating first place in the “Factory of the Year” competition after its Botevgrad site win, for the demonstration of excellence in automation and sustainability.

The awards were organized by Capital for a second year in a row.

Sensata won with a project for automation in production, which achieved a significant replacement of manual labour, improved safety, quality control systems and efficiency in the working environment. Behind the development and launch of the project stand 10 specialists from the Botevgrad team, who managed the replacement and improvement of 20 production machines within 24 months. The result is a fully automated final step of the process, in which previously operators visually inspected each of the 12.5 million finished modules produced on the line within a year.

“We are especially proud to have created and introduced a new technology thanks to the expertise and skills of our team in Bulgaria. The process is long-term and its effect will contribute to more resources and focus on electric mobility systems, which are the future of the company and the sector, as well as the sustainable future for all of us”, comments Tommy Ve Elst, Sensata General Manager in Bulgaria.

The manufacturing excellence awards are initiated by Capital newspaper for a second year in a row. In 2022 Sensata team in Plovdiv won the innovation category for its use of artificial intelligence-based systems.