Quest & One Identity User & Partner Forum: Exploring the Domains of Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure Management

The “Quest&One Identity User & Partner Forum” took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, where industry experts, business leaders, and professionals gathered to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in cybersecurity and IT infrastructure management.

The event included keynote talks, demonstrations, and networking opportunities. Presentations covered topics such as the importance of protecting Active Directory (AD), compliance with the NIS 2 Directive, identity governance and administration, and privileged access management.

The main topics discussed at the Quest&One Identity User & Partner Forum included cybersecurity, overall management of IT infrastructure in organizations, technological innovations in Quest and One Identity solutions, current regulatory requirements, and the importance of protecting Active Directory (AD). The limitations of traditional approaches to AD security were also highlighted, such as lack of visibility, manual processes, reactive response, limited threat information, and underestimation of risks.

One Identity’s Unified Identity Security Platform (UISP) helps organizations achieve compliance with the NIS 2 Directive by offering capabilities such as risk analysis, security policies implementation, access rights management, multi-factor authentication, periodic audits, and privileged access management. UISP provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to identity security, allowing organizations to gain 360-degree visibility and adaptive flexibility in addressing cybersecurity challenges and meeting regulatory requirements.
Quest Software, Escom Bulgaria, IDVKM, and New Horizons Bulgaria organized the event.

You can learn more and download the presentations from our website.