Tax Relief for Children and Children with Disabilities E-form

If you have not yet completed your declaration for tax relief for children, you can now do so using the smart tool completely free and in just a few clicks.

We at Sb Accounting & Consulting ( have created this tool to ease the work of our clients during the payroll annual closure. With the e-form all employees can quickly and easily complete their declarations for tax relief for children. Now you can take advantage and complete your declaration absolutely free. It is easy!

To fill in the tax-relief declaration follow these 4 steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Download the generated declaration
  4. Sign the declaration and send it to your HR specialist

Clients with a Sb e-File have an extreme advantage! The declarations will be signed digitally, archived in the e-File of the employee, and the HR manager will receive all declarations in bulk file.

Fill in the form.

If you have any concerns, you can visit our FAQ section.