Ivan Mihaylov on BloombergTV Bulgaria: The American Investors Develop the Entire Environment 

“The main focus of the report is on U.S. investments. Canadian investments have about 1 billion presence from all North American investments, however, U.S. investments are leading. This comes amid a year in which Europe has seen an uptrend, and Bulgaria, in particular, is also part of this positive trend in our analysis, prepared by IME.”, this was said by Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria, on the rubric “North America in Development”, part of the program “In Development” on BloombergTV Bulgaria with anchor Viktoriya Denizova. 

Mihaylov also stated, “Europe reported in its spring report on transatlantic relations a record level of investment and trade, which was almost historic. We see a similar increase in terms of regional investments in Bulgaria, as well as in the cash flows. They are one of the key differences in our joint study with IME and that of BNB, we track the entire path of the owner of the capital and so the big picture of the investment in question is formed.”

One of the main advantages of American investments in Bulgaria – the widespread development of the economy in many regions in Bulgaria – was discussed during the conversation.

” In the report, you will see that employee wages at U.S. companies are on average above the regional level. The benefits to society and living standards are great. American companies do not work for themselves, they want to develop the whole environment as well as the supply chain of local suppliers.”

During the interview were also stated the key sectors of American investments in Bulgaria, the factors for attracting new ones, but also retaining and effectively and sustainably developing the already acquired ones, as well as potential sectors where an improvement of the investment climate can be expected.

Predictability of the business and environment, as well as consistency in actions, remain a key element in the potential interest of US investors in Bulgaria. A change is found in the narrative of tax advantage, which is becoming less of a major factor. These are some of the conclusions that Ivan Mihaylov presents during the program. He also points out the need for the whole of Europe, not only Bulgaria, to continue working to compete with the increasingly ambitious actions of several Asian countries.

Watch the conversation (In Bulgarian)