A Christmas Fundraising Campaign at “Ideal Standard – Vidima” – Over BGN 100,000 Donated for Vitomir Stanilov

Within two weeks, a Christmas fundraising campaign was organized at “Ideal Standard – Vidima” to support the medical treatment of 16-year-old Vitomir Stanilov, whose father works at the Ceramics plant.

All employees in the company demonstrated that the Christmas miracle is possible! Inspired by the noble cause “Hope for Vitomir,” we managed to help the family to keep faith and instill hope. This Christmas, we truly made a significant contribution!

The funds raised by employees amount to 21,000 BGN. In addition, the company supported the campaign by donating BGN 80,000, thus making the donation amount to BGN 101,000

These funds cover only part of the total amount needed for Vitomir’s treatment. We sincerely believe that our example will encourage many other people and companies to help Vitomir recover!

Wishing you joyful and unforgettable holidays! May the magic of the Christmas miracle enter your homes!