A Great Award for our Great Team From the ADP Annual Convention Held in Nice, France!

We, at Sb Accounting & Consulting, are proud that we did not betray ourselves and for another year we proved that we are a leading provider of outsourcing services in Bulgaria.

It is a pleasure for us to be ADP’s partner for Bulgaria and a true honor to be awarded the 2023 Achievement Award in the “Operational Excellence” category.

Our partnership with ADP started in 2006 and is expressed in sharing an identical model for the management of payroll processes, exchange of experience, good practices and innovative ideas. Together we provide payroll services to companies operating globally.

We at Sb take responsibility for our entrusted functions in the areas of Payroll, HR Administration, e-Labour file, Accounting and Compliance. Our solutions are based on world expertise, individual approach and modern technologies.

We will confidently continue to build on what we have achieved and develop a sustainable and responsible business model with an excellent attitude towards partners, clients and employees.

The real pleasure of what has been achieved is the evaluation – that of our client and partners!
Thank you for your trust!