Postbank Launches the First Sign Language Academy for Bankers in Bulgaria – Beyond Sound

Postbank launched the first academy for sign language for bank employees in Bulgaria, called Beyond Sound.

With this initiative, financial experts from the institution’s branch network will be able to provide their services in an even more accessible way and easily serve clients who use sign language as their means of communication. The entire training program will be conducted with the assistance and support of Stray Sheep, a company that aims to popularize sign language in Bulgaria, in collaboration with the Andi and Aya Academy for Deaf Children. As a result, bank employees will be fully prepared to offer a comprehensive experience to clients through entirely non-verbal communication. With this, Postbank once again reaffirms its position as a responsible company and its commitment to being as helpful as possible to its clients by providing easy, fast, modern, and convenient banking.

The launch of the Beyond Sound Academy began with an inspiring event in which representatives of Stray Sheep introduced Postbank experts from across the country to the basics of sign language communication. Later, they embarked on their journey into sign language with the basic gestures used in everyday communication and addressing their initial challenges. The first participants in the sign language academy are expected to complete their training in March 2024, demonstrating their new skills.

“We are extremely proud and happy that the Postbank team supports another important and meaningful cause because we believe that all people in our society should have equal access to quality services and impeccable service. The Beyond Sound Academy is both a unique opportunity for the development of our team members and an entirely new inspiring and meaningful initiative. We are launching our sign language academy for bankers with the aim of contributing to making our country and financial institutions a more pleasant and inclusive place. We believe that with Beyond Sound, we are initiating a beneficial and enriching experience for our employees and clients, bringing high value to the deaf community in Bulgaria, and we hope to attract a wave of those eager to take on this challenge. We have started a different and very meaningful journey to elevate customer service in the financial sector to an even higher level, making banking modern and accessible to all,” commented the Postbank team.

Postbank, one of the top employers in the country, continuously invests time, resources, and efforts in the training and development of its employees. The new project is another step by the financial institution in this direction, reaffirming its innovative vision and socially responsible corporate culture based on shared values.

Over the years, Postbank has received numerous awards for its modern solutions in building a successful and motivated team and establishing a strong employer brand. In 2023, the institution received over 10 prestigious awards as an employer, including the recognition as a Top Employer in Bulgaria by the international independent Top Employers Institute, which certifies the best workplaces globally. Postbank also became the sole winner from Bulgaria in the international competition Employer Brand Stars Awards 2023, competing with employers from over 30 countries, and received two awards for the Use of Digital and Candidate Experience. In the Career Show Awards 2023 competition for the best employer in Bulgaria, the company won the most gold awards, totaling four in the categories of Best Employer for Banking and Finance, Use of Technology in HR, and HR Team, as well as a fifth distinction in the overall, highly contested category Best Employer for 2023. Among the awards are Employer of Choice 2023 for Technology in Human Resources Management, as well as Excellence in Teamwork, Employer Branding Innovation, and Creative Thinking from the Employer Branding Awards 2023 (b2b media).

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