AmCham Bulgaria Starts Stakeholders Presentations on Rule of Law Reforms Initiative and White Paper

During 2023 the AmCham Bulgaria Rule of Law and Legislative Reforms Committee worked on some of the aspects of the reforms needed for improving the Rule of Law in our country – a complex sphere where the interests of the whole society should be taken into consideration. Having the business angle of the Chamber, the RLLR Committee Chair Omourtag Petkov initiated this project and attracted some of the top-notch legal professionals – both practitioners and from the academia – to share their views on some of the areas which need critical changes, such as criminal justice, administrative justice and process, private property and its confiscation, and state fees on civil cases.

“Having the privilege to work with some of the most prominent colleagues in Bulgaria, we are starting a public discussion on these four topics. We are totally aware that these are just a few of the rule of law reforms that are needed, and we have been following closely and will consider the recently adopted changes to the Constitution of Bulgaria. We are convinced that we, as a business association, should initiate and push for such changes that would strengthen the rule of law, thereby improving the business environment in Bulgaria, which would ultimately benefit each industry and enterprise in the country.”

Omourtag Petkov, Chair, RLLR Committee.

The report was sent to the AmCham Membership for their input, and it will be presented before them on January 16, 2024. The location will be further defined. On the very next day, it will be presented in public at a press conference at the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA). Meanwhile, the paper was sent to the Association of the Employers’ Organizations in Bulgaria (AOBR), and Omourtag Petkov presented its summary to Tsvetan Simeonov, President, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), which is chairing AOBR in 2023.

AmCham Bulgaria Rule of Law and the Business Environment White Paper 2023