KPMG in Bulgaria is Organizing a One-day Practical Seminar on “The new 15% Top-up Tax Rules and Their Application in Bulgaria from 1 January 2024. Tax and Accounting Implications.”

KPMG in Bulgaria is organizing a one-day practical seminar on “The new 15% top-up tax rules and their application in Bulgaria from 1 January 2024. Tax and accounting implications.”

The topics to be covered will include:

∙ Comparative analysis between the key provisions of the Pillar 2 EU Directive and the transposed texts in the Bulgarian CIT Act
∙ Rules for determining the domestic top-up tax under the CIT Act
∙ Possible reliefs under the new domestic rules
∙ Accounting disclosures and implications from the new provisions
∙ Action plan for companies affected by the rules.

The seminar will be held in Bulgarian language.

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