Agnieszka Pucilowska Appointed as General Manager of BNP Paribas S.A. – Sofia Branch

BNP Paribas, a leading global banking institution, is pleased to announce the appointment of Agnieszka Pucilowska as the General Manager of its BNP Paribas S.A. – Sofia Branch. Agnieszka succeeds Christophe Deroo, who successfully completed his tenure as Country Head for Bulgaria. During the past six years, Christophe played an instrumental role in advancing the business operations of BNP Paribas in Bulgaria.

Agnieszka Pucilowska brings a wealth of experience to her new role, with a distinguished career spanning 25 years across various entities, countries and business lines within BNP Paribas. Her expertise includes Corporate Finance, GTS, Corporate Coverage, Structured Finance, Business Development. In her most recent role, she led the Multinational Coverage in Central Europe.

Agnieszka Pucilowska holds a Master’s degree in European Studies from the College of Europe in Belgium, a Master’s degree in International Trade from the Université Paris XII in France, and a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance from the Warsaw School of Economics.

In her new role, Agnieszka plans to develop the multinational franchise of the bank as well as to maintain and strengthen the bank’s relationships with selected local Bulgarian clients whilst upholding the highest standards of performance for the Branch.

BNP Paribas considers that Agnieszka Pucilowska’s extensive experience and strategic vision will contribute significantly to the continued success and growth of the Bulgaria branch.