AmCham Bulgaria Presents Rule of Law Report Proposing Changes in Several Areas of Business-Related Legislation

AmCham Bulgaria presents publicly a report on some aspects of the rule of law and the business environment in Bulgaria.

Following its long-standing priority on the rule of law, AmCham Bulgaria continues to keep high in public the discussions aiming to improve the business environment and the investment climate in Bulgaria, as well as to propose concrete solutions to improve the business-related rule of law area.

“With this project, AmCham Bulgaria has set itself several tasks. First, we aim to continue the public discussion on important issues for business and society, which often have a legal dimension, attracting business supporters with whom our common proposals can be implemented.

Second, knowing that investors make an extremely accurate assessment of their presence or entry in a given market through the prism of multiple factors, including the rule of law and opportunities for business development unencumbered by unnecessary bureaucracy, lack of corruption, and arbitrariness, we focused on some of the problems of the Bulgarian legal system that our members also directly or indirectly face.

Third, the administrative and legal burdens that every business incurs have a cost, which is measured not only in money spent but also in time, effort, and missed opportunities. So every step towards improving the legal system will lead to an improvement of both the business environment and the public environment as a whole.

Fourth, Bulgaria should make efforts to effectively protect private property – a fundamental principle for a market economy and democracy, which is of key importance for every business and citizen of the country” – pointed out the motivation behind this project Omurtag Petkov, Chairman of the Committee “Rule of Law and Legislative Reforms”. 

Rule of Law and Business Environment in Bulgaria Report 2023

The document includes four analyses by prominent jurists in Bulgaria, which explore four groups of issues concerning the business environment and the rule of law in Bulgaria:

  • “What needs to be changed in criminal justice” topic was developed by Andrei Yankulov from the Anti-Corruption Fund.
  • “Requirements of the Rule of Law and Problems of Administrative Justice in Bulgaria” topic was developed by Prof. Dr. Hristo Hristev, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  • “The protection of the right to private property in the light of the confiscation legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria” topic was developed by Adv. Georgi Atanasov, partner at the law firm “Dokovska, Atanasov & Partners”;
  • “Analysis of the Problems with the State Fees in Civil Cases” topic was developed by Asst. Anastas Punev.

An abstract in Bulgarian of the report can be downloaded from this link.

The project is supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise.

About the press conference

The event takes place on 17.01.2024 at Press Club BTA, from 10:00 to 11:00. This is another initiative with which the Chamber provides concrete solutions to solve the pressing problems of improving the business environment and investment climate in the country.

  • Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria,
  • Adv. Omurtag Petkov, Chairman of the Committee “Rule of Law and Legislative Reforms” of the ATC and partner in the law firm “Dzhingov, Guginsky, Kyuchukov, and Velichkov”;
  • Adv. Georgi Atanasov, partner at the law firm “Dokovska, Atanasov & Partners”;
  • Andrei Yankulov, Anti-Corruption Fund;
  • Doc. Dr. Hristo Hristev, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”;
  • Gr. as. Dr. Anastas Punev, Sofia University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”.

Activities under the Rule of Law theme of AmCham Bulgaria
  • 2014, July Conference “The rule of law: a fundamental principle for a sustainable business environment”
  • 2015  – Rule of Law Conference
  • 2016, January – 10 bilateral chambers sign an Open Letter signaling the need for more effective implementation of rule of law principles in our country.
  • 2017  – White Paper with recommendations to the government for reforms in key sectors of the economy and public life.
  • 2017, June – AmCham Bulgaria, ABBA, and Confindustria Bulgaria organized a conference on the need for judicial reform with the participation of the ambassadors of Italy, the UK and the US, which was followed by a Statement on the Rule of Law in Bulgaria, signed by AmCham Bulgaria, Advantage Austria, the British-Bulgarian Business Association, the Canadian-Bulgarian Business Network, Confindustria Bulgaria, the Norwegian-Bulgarian Business Group and the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • 2020, February – Joint meeting of the Boards of AmCham Bulgaria and GBITC
  • 2020, May – joint “Rule of Law and Business in Bulgaria” survey of AmCham Bulgaria and GBITC members.
  • 2020, October – webinar on “Goals and Implications of Implementing the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)” with members of AmCham Bulgaria and GBITC.
  • 2020, March – 2021, December A series of letters and positions of AmCham Bulgaria to national and European institutions, criticizing certain laws and regulations and decisions that damage certain sectors of the economy and/or violate European Union Law.
  • 2021, December – Establishment of AmCham Bulgaria’s Rule of Law and Legislative Reform Committee
  • 2022, June – AmCham Bulgaria joins the Business Integrity Club led by Transparency International Bulgaria
  • 2022  – Start of the Rule of Law Project at AmCham Bulgaria
  • 2022, August – Discussion on Rule of Law and Investment Climate with Ambassador Jim O’Brien with AmCham Bulgaria, moderated on behalf of AmCham Bulgaria by Omurtag Petkov, as Chair of the Rule of Law and Law Reform Committee
  • 2023, January –  joint conference “The Rule of Law and the Business Environment in Bulgaria”, organized together with the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Confindustria Bulgaria, French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Bulgarian-British Business Association, Hellenic-Bulgarian Business Council, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (as rotating chair of the Association of Employers’ Organisations in Bulgaria).