PwC’s Academy Organizes Several ESG Trainings in the Forthcoming Months

ESG is again on focus! Have a look at the forthcoming ESG trainings designed specially to give you the overview & insights needed for a thorough understanding of different ESG aspects:

Mandatory ESG reporting – EU CSRD & ESRS Standards – during this course, participants will orient themselves in the complex structure of the ESRS, learn what to look for and where, and gain confidence in navigating and working with the standards. Find more information about the training here.

ESG & non-financial reporting – this PwC’s Academy programme includes 4 interrelated modules that provide a comprehensive overview of sustainable development, non-financial reporting and the latest changes and trends in the ESG. Find more information about the training here

All forthcoming ESG trainings can be found in our Calendar of Open Seminars.

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