Omourtag Petkov on BNT: Business is a Stakeholder in Everything Related to Rule of Law 

“Indeed, the work and all the efforts are just beginning. As business representatives, we want to say that business is a stakeholder in everything regarding the rule of law and judicial reform.”, this was said by Omourtag Petkov, Chair, Rule of Law and Legislative Reform Committee, on January 20, 2024, talked with Maya Kostadinova, Anchor of “Speak Now” TV Program on the Bulgarian National Television. 

“The devil is in the details, as it is in the law on the judiciary, in the criminal procedure code, in the civil procedure code, and in several other acts. This report was drawn up before the changes, and we felt that we did not want to get into this purely political act with the changes to the constitution, which is why we are presenting it now.”, was stated by Omourtag Petkov during the interview.

He also added, “The changes to the constitution are the result of a political consensus but it is not our job as a business organisation to evaluate it. We hope that at least some of the changes will have a positive long-term impact on the system, but the main work is yet to be done – that is the main work in our report. None of the proposals for change mentioned in the report is a question of constitutional change.”

During the interview, Omurtag Petkov outlined the main themes of the report, related to the four main sub-themes, namely:
  • “Requirements of the Rule of Law and the Problems of Administrative Justice in Bulgaria” by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Hristev, Sofia University
  • “The Protection of Private Property Rights in the Light of Confiscation Legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria” by Georgi Atanasov, Partner at Dokovska, Atanasov & Partners
  • “Analysis of the Problems with State Fees in Civil Cases” by Assoc. Anastas Punev, Sofia University
  • “What Needs to Change in Criminal Justice: by Andrey Yankulov, Anti-Corruption Fund
Watch the conversation (In Bulgarian)