Main Benefits of PwC’s Academy Mini MBA Programme

The 20th edition of PwC’s Academy Mini MBA starts on 28 March 2024.

The programme consists of 9 connected modules and takes 4 months to complete. It is aimed at all levels in all lines of business, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, and those who are considering starting their own business.

Among the many benefits for the participants in the programme are:
  • Development of the most important business skills
  • Clear understanding of organisations, their structure, and management methodology through specific mapping technique and sequence of modules
  • Opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge that can be used in everyday business activities
  • Analysis of concepts such as strategy, competition, finance, marketing, and leadership as well as technical areas such as accounting, project management, and others
  • Learning a methodology for analysing their own organisation as well as others
  • Learning from experienced local and international trainers in various fields

Early bird registration is open until 18 February 2024