Forbes Business Awards 2024 Praise the Champions of Free Entrepreneurship

The competition encourages people to follow their dreams and pursue their happiness.

Stop for a moment and remember the greatest success you’ve achieved. What did you feel? А beautiful feeling, isn’t it? Success has the great quality to inspire, accelerate and engage followers. That’s why Forbes never stops talking about it and the businessmen who create it, about their victories and the great meaning behind the numbers. The magazine encourages the people who achieve success and their companies – all of them are our heroes. The best of them are praised in the Forbes Business Awards competition.

The nominees receive acknowledgment for their efforts and motivation in reaching new heights. Their example and their stories encourage and inspire others, including startups and young entrepreneurs, to strive for success in an honourable way.

If your organization is a champion in its niche market or you believe your products and services improve people’s lives, apply for Forbes Business Awards 2024, by February 11. The categories are the following:

  • Employer of the Year 2024: Companies with the best HR policies. 
  • Socially Responsible Company of 2024: Companies that successfully invest in socially beneficial activities.
  • Startup of 2023: Successful startups, registered no more than 3 years ago, as of Ferbuary 12, 2023.
  • Innovative Company of 2024: Companies with best practices in the introduction of innovative ways of working in Bulgaria. The award is given for a comprehensive approach to a company change.
  • Green Company of 2024: Businesses with sustainable green policies.
  • Company of 2024*: The most successful companies by sector and in the entire Bulgarian economy.
    • Finance: Fintechs, Banking, Insurance, Investment Intermediaries and other financial institutions.
    • Healthcare: Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Dental, Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery Clinics, Medical Equipment Companies, Premium Cosmetics
    • Information and Communication Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Cloud Services, Mobile Services, Blockchain, Internet, Software, Gaming, Telecom, Outsourcing, etc.
    • Retail: Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Food and Beverages, Cigarettes and Tobacco, Furniture and Furnishings, White and Black Appliances, Personal Goods (Cosmetics, Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Sporting Goods, etc.), Household Chemicals, Children’s Goods (Strollers, Toys, Chairs, etc.), and others.
    • Manufacturing: Construction, Agriculture, Aerospace, Defence, Security, Automobiles, Ships and Yachts, Aircraft, Basе Resources (Metals, Chemicals, Plastics, Crystal and Glass), Construction Materials Industrial Goods, Machinery, Hardware, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods (Food and Beverages, Cigarettes and Tobacco, Household Chemicals, Cosmetics, Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Sporting Goods, etc. ); Furniture and Furnishings, White and Black Appliances, Children’s Goods (Prams, Toys, Chairs, etc.) and others.
    • Services: Marketing, Advertising, Universities, Schools, Kindergartens, PR, Transportation, Logistics, Security, Accounting, Auditing, Facilities Management, Media, Publishers, Printers, Human Resources, Architecture, Legal Services, Market Research, Translation, Postal Services, Design, Health Care, Crafts, Show Business, Sports Services, etc.

*In the category Company of 2024, the winner in each sector receives an award. The winner in each sector that has scored the most points receives the grand prize Company of 2024. During the awards ceremony Forbes will announce five finalists in each category, from which it will provide awards for the first, the second and the third place. In case there are not enough nominees in a category, Forbes editorial team reserves the right not to select a winner of the year.

Success is not a result, it’s a path we choose to follow.
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