Vast Interest for AmCham’s first ESG Meeting for 2024

Nowadays a business cannot be sustainable if its profit does not meet a social purpose. By integrating this approach into your processes, sustainable practices drive success, and by that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations reign supreme. In today’s corporate landscape, ESG factors are not just buzzwords; they’re the compass guiding businesses toward a brighter, more responsible future.

On February 13, 2024, AmCham Bulgaria AmCham Bulgaria kicked off the ESG topic for 2024 with a full-house meeting hosted by UniCredit Bulbank and powered by the knowledge of denkstatt Bulgaria.

Together, with the warm welcome of UniCredit Bulbank International Center, we delved into the transformative power of ESG initiatives, exploring how they redefine business strategies and reshape our collective vision of success, with an event under the topic ESG Implementation: Transposing Directives, Meeting Requirements, and Managing the Timeline.

With a full house of 70 representatives of the member companies of the chamber, a full and vivid discussion was held. Before this part, the guests were warmly welcomed by Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria, and on behalf of UniCredit Bulbank – Michael Novotný, Director, UniCredit Bulbank International Center

Afterward, the 70 experts from our membership listened to the presentation of Boyan Rashev, Managing Partner, denkstatt. Boyan Rashev introduced all the changes that the business has yet to see and integrate into its daily processes. With a variety of examples, he underlined that businesses need to prepare 360 degrees and in all aspects, otherwise they will not only not be able to catch up with all the innovations and subsequent innovations, but also to comply with the upcoming regulations, which will increasingly increase.

After his presentation, the discussion took part with experts from the Ministry of Finance – Republic of Bulgaria – Tatyana Koleva, Chief Expert, Tax Policy and Accounting Legislation Analysis Department, and Daniela Nonina, State Expert, Tax Policy and Accounting Legislation Analysis Department, who told in detail exactly what is the process of the transposing of the CSRD in Bulgaria.

Being such an imporant topic for all sectors without an exclusion, the Q&A session of the event was filled with various of questions and pratical examples which are conserning the member companies of the Chamber. We’d like to thank each one of the participants of the discussion and we are yet to share further dates for discussions on the ESG topic.

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