Neterra.TV CEO Maya Kalcheva Recognized as One of the Top 20 Women in the 2024 Telecom Industry

Neterra.TV CEO Maya Kalcheva has been recognized as a leading figure in the telecommunications and technology sectors following her inclusion on Capacity Media’s prestigious “20 Women to Watch” list for 2024. This annual list honors outstanding women who have made significant contributions to the industry through their achievements, leadership qualities, and commitment to innovation.

„The recognition of women leaders is a significant achievement in and of itself. In the modern world, women and men contribute equally to the development of technology. However, women in leadership positions remain underrepresented. We eagerly anticipate the time when we will witness a true reflection of women’s participation in the development of technology and the recognition they deserve for their contributions,” commented Maya Kalcheva.

A beacon of leadership in the telecommunications sector

Maya’s journey to her current position as CEO of Neterra.TV began years ago when she emerged as a driving force behind the company’s remarkable transformation. As a team leader, she championed groundbreaking projects that propelled the company to new heights of success. Under her guidance, Neterra.TV has significantly increased its customer base, expanded its product and service portfolio, and established itself as a formidable player in the television and video streaming market.

One of Maya’s crowning achievements is the successful launch of the Neterra.TV+ platform, a dynamic hub for film festivals, lifestyle events, and online premieres. Her strategic partnerships with production houses, filmmakers, actors, and media outlets have created a robust network that has fueled the platform’s growth and popularity.

In addition to her managerial responsibilities at Neterra.TV, Maya continues to excel in her long-standing role as CMO of the parent company Neterra and its group of companies. Her expertise in marketing and communications has led to numerous innovations, including the implementation of digitization and automation initiatives that have streamlined Neterra’s operations.

Recognition for exceptional achievements

“Maya’s inclusion on Capacity Media’s ’20 Women to Watch’ list is a testament to her exceptional leadership, innovative spirit, and dedication to driving positive change in the industry,” said Neven Dilkov, founder and CEO of Neterra group of companies. “Her journey is an inspiration to the leaders, and her achievements stand as proof of the power of vision, determination, and hard work.”

Maya Kalcheva’s natural rise to prominence, coupled with her history of success and her unwavering ability to surprise and inspire, make her an asset to the telecommunications sector. Her inclusion on Capacity Media’s “20 Women to Watch” list is a significant achievement not only for her but also for Neterra Communications and the industry as a whole. It serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations of female leaders who seek to make their mark in the dynamic and ever-evolving telecommunications industry.