B Corp Café: the Transformative Power of Business is Leading the World to a Sustainable Future

The second edition of B Corp Café introduced the new members of the B Corp™ community in Bulgaria:

AMPECO, one of the global leaders in software for managing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and Humans in the Loop, a social enterprise that connects conflict-affected communities and supports their integration and training for the labour market. During the event, the two newly certified B Corp™ companies shared their commitment to social impact and sustainable business practices. They expressed their willingness to continue their journey as B Corps™ and be part of the transformative power of business that is leading the world to a sustainable future.

The Bulgarian edition of The B Corp Handbook was presented during the event. The handbook has been released with the support of DEVIN. DEVIN is one of the first B Corp™ certified companies in Bulgaria and jointly with Bio Bulgaria/harmonica is the initiator of the B Corp Café format.

“We have joined the B Corp™ movement because the purpose of DEVIN, namely to connect people and nature for a healthier life today and tomorrow, coincides with the values of this community,” Petya Manastirska, Sustainable Development and Quality Manager at DEVIN pointed out. “As a business, we realize that we should take care of people, society, nature and the planet. We have made a Bulgarian translation of the The B Corp Handbook because we believe that an increasing number of companies in Bulgaria will choose the path of sustainable business in order to transform their strength into a force for good. In the book, you can find not only inspiration, but also answers to many questions – what is the benefit of B Corp™ for consumers, society and employees; how a company can properly assess its impact on ecology, community, governance; how it should prepare for an upcoming certification, etc.”

Certified B Corps™ are next-generation businesses that balance their social mission with their profits. To obtain a B Corp™ certification, a company must meet extremely high standards of social and environmental performance. At the same time, it needs to change its governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders and demonstrate as much transparency as possible.

The B Corp Café format highlights the Benefit Corporation (B Corp™) movement whose mission is to change the way business interacts with society and the environment to shape trends toward sustainable thinking and behaviour.