AmCham Bulgaria Takes a Strategic Role in the First Westinghouse AP1000 Bulgaria Supplier Symposium 

On February 20, 2024, AmCham Bulgaria took part in the first Westinghouse AP1000 Bulgaria Supplier Symposium as a strategic supporting organization.

The event addressed the local Bulgarian suppliers interested in engaging with the Westinghouse team and provided information about the company’s nuclear technology and pioneering projects.

What is more, the symposium included discussions, focused on the utilization of Bulgaria’s supply chain industry. Attendees had the opportunity for B2B Meetings to exchange information with colleagues from Westinghouse and fellow companies and contractors about providing services to the existing Bulgarian Nuclear Power Plant fleet.

Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, and Daniel Kiryakov, Communications & Public Affairs Manager, took part as representatives of AmCham Bulgaria team in the event. Ivan Mihaylov was one of the key speakers in the opening panel of the symposium, marking the important role of Westinghouse and other AmCham Bulgaria’s member companies in shaping the future of energy, not just in Bulgaria or the United States, but worldwide.

Daniel Kiryakov was the MC of the symposium throughout the whole day.

“The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria is committed to fostering strong, productive, and mutually beneficial relationships between American and Bulgarian businesses. Our mission is to serve as a bridge, facilitating not just dialogue but actionable partnerships that drive mutual growth and prosperity.”, said Ivan Mihaylov in the first panel of the event.

He also added, “The integration of Westinghouse technology into Bulgaria’s energy sector opens a lot of opportunities for local businesses. It heralds a new era where Bulgarian companies can be integral parts of an international supply chain, offering their services, products, and expertise. This is not just an opportunity for growth but a call to action for Bulgarian businesses to innovate, elevate their capabilities, and participate in the energy landscape in a modern way.

As we embrace these opportunities, we are reminded of the strength that lies in our heritage, the potential of our present endeavors, and the brightness of our prospects. The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria is committed to facilitating this journey, ensuring that our businesses are equipped to navigate this new landscape, to forge lasting partnerships.” 

The other representatives of the panel were:
  • Rumen Radev, Minister of Energy
  • Delyan Dobrev, Chairman, Energy Committee in the Parliament
  • H.E. Kenneth Merten, U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria
  • Alex Nestor, Chairman of the BoD, NPP Kozloduy New Build Company
In their addresses to the symposium auditorium, they focused on topics such as:
  • The progress in Bulgaria’s energy independence over the past two years. 
  • The development of sustainable energy infrastructure in our country both to date and in the future. 
  • The importance of the stakeholders’ support for a U.S.-Bulgarian partnership in this sector. 
  • The increasingly clear future for technology in Bulgaria and how energy is helping to advance it.