AmCham Kicks-off Unlock Your Power Project

Success never comes alone. It happens because of our communities and the people who support us. That’s why AmCham Bulgaria is launching an initiative to support the best and the brightest among us – the leaders.

That’s the reason for creating Unlock Your Power Project as part of the EmpowerHer Initiative for 2024 to benefit the AmCham Bulgaria members.

The project aims to create opportunities for development of the individual potential and talent of female leaders through active collaboration with experienced professionally certified coaches.

On the long run, the program aims to positively contribute to gender equality across business leadership roles and to enhance the focus on diversity in the business environment.

In compliance with the Chamber’s philosophy for creating multiple, diverse and beneficial opportunities for its members, we would like to invite our members to to take participation in a survey which will allow us to gather information on the availability of experienced certified coaching professionals amongst the experts of the Chamber.

The profiles of all members who take participation in the survey, moreover, are willing to support the “Unlock Your Power” program, will be carefully reviewed in attempt to secure high program quality. Advantage will be given to certified coaching professionals who has completed coaching studies certified/accredited by the International Coaching Federation, as well as coaches who possess 100+ coaching hours in their portfolio.

In case you are a professionally certified coach who is:

  • Willing to invest time in support of the “Unlock Your Power” program donating up to 6 (six) pro-bono coaching hours within a period of 6 (six) months;
  • Passionate about actively supporting female leaders employed by the Chamber’s member companies and leave a positive footprint over their personal development and growth as female leaders being their coach;
  • Ready to further fuel own professional development as a coaching professional by piling extra coaching hours towards your continuous coaching development, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]