Syscom Engineering Showcases TEMPEST Protection Solutions at Defense Industry Conference

Syscom Engineering AD participated as an exhibitor in a conference and industry day on the topic “Growing Needs for Support of the Defense Industry and Opportunities for Innovation”, organized jointly by the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Ministry of Defence, and the Ministry of Innovation and Growth. The event took place on February 6, Tuesday, in the “John Atanassov” hall, Sofia Tech Park.

We presented our TEMPEST protection solutions and IT equipment for classified information. TEMPEST is a specification of the US National Security Agency and a NATO certificate that refers to the espionage of information systems through the leakage of emissions, including unintentional radio or electrical signals, sounds, and vibrations. TEMPEST covers both the methods of spying on others and how to protect equipment against such spying.

TEMPEST attacks pose a serious threat to organizations that work with classified or sensitive information. The potential consequences of a successful TEMPEST attack can range from the compromise of sensitive information to the loss of intellectual property or even the violation of national security. Therefore, TEMPEST protection technologies are important for the safe operation of control systems and devices related to critical infrastructure.

Since 2018, Syscom Engineering AD has been producing and distributing high-quality IT equipment certified to the NATO TEMPEST standard and its European equivalent EU IASG7-03. We have implemented several successful projects, for some of which you can learn more on our website in the “Projects” section .