Jacklin Tzocheva, Coca-Cola HBC, Bulgaria: Sustainability is a Responsibility and an Engine for Growth

Jacklin Tzocheva, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, answers Capital’s questions

Ms. Tzocheva, once again Coca-Cola HBC has been recognized as the world’s most sustainable beverage company by the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2024, and has also been recognized as the world’s most sustainable beverage company by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2023. What do these achievements mean to you?

The recognitions from the S&P Global Yearbook and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices are particularly valuable to all of us at Coca-Cola HBC. Once again, they prove that our actions dedicated to sustainability and responsible business management are successful and globally appreciated. Our company’s global score positions it in the top 1% of 9,400 companies across 62 industries. Each achievement reflects our commitment to achieving high standards in environmental protection, investing in young people and sustainable economic development. For us, it means we are taking consistent steps in the right direction and continuing to set the standard in sustainability and social responsibility. It is also another incentive to continue to invest in innovation and build on our long-standing practices, striving to achieve ever higher results in the future. Yes, the road is neither smooth nor easy, but I know that the difficulties will continue to bring out our best. Because behind each of our successes is a united, dedicated and proven effective team who feel and embrace our company’s goals and values as their own.

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