“Alcomet” AD Received Certificate for Priority Investment Project

Minister Milena Stoycheva presented a certificate for a priority investment project to “Alcomet” AD for the project “Expansion of the product range through the installation of a continuous casting line, production lines for profiles, a universal foil mill, and accompanying facilities.” The investment amount is BGN 136,285,000, and the project is expected to create 160 new jobs over a three-year implementation period. The ceremony took place on March 5, 2024 at the Ministry of Innovation and Growth.

The investment project is related to the expansion of the existing production at the plant with the aim of diversifying the product range with the production of new products to meet the current market demand.

The main objectives include:
  • In Rolling production – production of innovative aluminum alloys designed for integration into batteries for electric vehicles.
  • In Extrusion production – expansion of the product range for automotive manufacturing and production of aluminum profiles for solar panels in the renewable energy sector.
  • The investment will not only contribute to portfolio expansion but also significantly improve the quality of the manufactured aluminum products, meeting the growing and stringent market requirements.

“We are working purposefully for Bulgaria to establish itself as an attractive destination for investors with good and predictable conditions. We support companies across the country in modernizing and expanding their productions,” commented Minister Stoycheva at the ceremony in the Ministry of Innovation and Growth.

This certificate and the investment plan represent a clear signal of the ambitious efforts of “Alcomet” AD to establish itself as a leading player in the market. The project focuses not only on expanding production but also on implementing modern technologies and innovations to increase the company’s profitability and sustainability in the long term.