New Menu From Vienna Café & Restaurant

Cuisine journey awaits you at Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia, where you can always find the perfect scene for good times, gatherings, and conversations. This March Vienna Café &

Restaurant announces delightful New menu – a special way to ignite your culinary curiosity!

Among traditional tastes from Central Europe, paired with premium beers, we will host your visit with a heartwarming attention to detail. We can welcome you on the open terrace of the

Vienna Café & Restaurant, which offers a wonderful view of Vitosha and its atmosphere is a peaceful background for your relaxed dinner or productive meeting. From Tuesday till Sunday, from early business breakfast hours to late evening gatherings, we invite you to savor irresistible bites and toast to success with colleagues and partners over a refreshing beer.
This New menu offers fresh new salads, magnificent starters, and authentic dishes. Among the Mains is crispy Wiener schnitzel, prepared by new secret recipe from a very special touring Chef. Other accents are premium products, Bavarian sausages, wursts and baked goods from the wide lands of Tyrol, Austria, the Alps, Hungary, Czech and many more culinary destinations.

Dive into tastes from Europe, transforming each weekday and dine into special occasion!

“Gutten appetit!” from Vienna Café & Restaurant!