Women Beyond Success: Insights from the Leaders of Today

Authenticity, equality, and feminine power – these are just a few of the keywords from the Fireside Chat: Women Beyond Success panel, part of the EmpowerHer 2024: Elevate to Excellence Conference, held on International Women’s Day, March 8. 

Panelists of the panel are two of the most prominent female leaders in Bulgaria: 
Milena Stoycheva,
Minister of Innovation and Growth,
Republic of Bulgaria,
Tzvetanka Mintcheva,
CEO, Chair of the Management Board,
UniCredit Bulbank Bulgaria
Moderator: Poli Zlatareva,
TV Anchor,
Bulgarian National Television

Key topics of the panel discussion were: 
  • Authenticity as a core element of women’s success; 
  • Leadership by empathy; 
  • Stereotypes as a burden for both genders; 
  • Balance is a major factor in the success of a woman; 
  • Risk-taking and its factor for the success in our society; 
  • Entrepreneurship and women; 
  • Sustainability and feminine leaders a key factors for its development. 

Event Highlights

Tzvetanka Mintcheva, Executive Director, Chair of the Management Board, UniCredit Bulbank Bulgaria, underlined that: “Yes, there can be women represented in middle positions, and there are wonderful companies where the top executive level has many women – including UniCredit Bulbank, where this percentage is 46%, one of the highest for the financial sector. However, when we look at the general sample of companies in Bulgaria, how many women are on the boards of directors, and if we look at the number of female CEOs, they are even fewer. I.e. there is a stereotype and a barrier. We need to work to change the stereotypes that condition these choices.

Milena Stoycheva, Minister of Innovation and Growth (in resignation) Republic of Bulgaria: Overall, Bulgaria is a country that can boast of good statistics on gender equality and women’s participation in different parts of the economy. A statistic was given that, unlike the still unsatisfactory trend, in Bulgaria, about 30% of women are in the ICT industry. Bulgaria ranks first in Europe for ICT. In management positions, we also have pretty good equality, but what we lack is the vision that women can be equally creators of new solutions and equally innovators. This does not yet seem to be sufficiently supported.

Full Video of the Fireside Chat