20 Years of Edenred Bulgaria

On 14.03.2024, Edenred Bulgaria marked 20 years of caring for the well-being and comfort of Bulgarian employees and employers with an official event where many clients, partners and official guests took part. Celebrating two decades of continuous innovation and leadership in the employee benefits sector, Edenred Bulgaria has also introduced the latest addition to its product line – Edenred+ digital food vouchers. A highlight of the event was the successful partnership with the world leader Mastercard®.

Digital vouchers, thanks to Mastercard® technology, are not just a request, but a direct leap towards a more sustainable, efficient and user-friendly future.

Edenred Bulgaria once again demonstrates its commitment to providing solutions that meet the changing needs of the modern work environment. The introduction of digital vouchers underlines this commitment and offers numerous advantages to both Bulgarian employers and their employees. They eliminate the need for physical plastic or paper vouchers, following global ESG principles. Thanks to the reduced waste and carbon footprint, Edenred Bulgaria not only improves the user experience but also contributes to a more sustainable environment.

Through the Edenred+ mobile app, digital vouchers are seamlessly integrated into end users’ smartphones. Thus, end users and corporate customers can benefit from their social benefits in a streamlined and ecological way.

“For the last 20 years, Edenred Bulgaria has been supporting employers and their employees through practical and innovative solutions,” said Medhi Benbouguerra, executive director of Edenred Bulgaria. “Our digital vouchers, created in partnership with Mastercard, are a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. They are the modern technological solution for the transition to a digital system that provides greater convenience to users. Looking to the future, we continue digital transformation and environmental responsibility in the employee benefits sector.”

Edenred Bulgaria’s path is marked by constant growth, innovation and a deep understanding of the needs of Bulgarian employers and their employees. Today, the company embarks on the next chapter in its history, reinforcing its commitment to providing first-class services that motivate employees and help them reduce their footprint on nature.

For more information about Edenred Bulgaria and its digital voucher offerings, please visit this link.