DEVIN Launches its First Bottles Made From 100% Recycled PET

100% recycled bottle (rPET) preserves water’s natural qualities and beneficial properties

DEVIN, the leader in the mineral and spring water sector in Bulgaria, has launched a new bottle made of 100% recycled PET material from bottles already collected separately. The half-liter bottles of DEVIN Mineral or DEVIN Spring, available in stacks of 8, can be found in major retail chains. Each 100% recycled DEVIN bottle preserves the natural qualities of the water and its beneficial properties.

At DEVIN, we believe that moving towards a circular economy and sustainable business can only happen by taking practical and measurable action. By recycling, we utilize resources that have already been processed and thus draw less from natural resources because some of them are not renewable. With these bottles, we actively reclaim the packaging from consumed products, integrating them back into the circular economy. We are giving them a second life. By implementing circular processes like this, we are also helping to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. We also support supply chain processes aimed at reducing and preventing environmental waste,” says Petya Manastirska, Sustainability Manager at Devin EAD.

In 2021, DEVIN launched the “Collect Separately” initiative to promote proper waste collection, making recycling possible. Last year, the company laid the foundations of eco-education in Bulgarian schools as part of the “Enter the Green Circle” initiative. A natural continuation of this policy is the launch on the Bulgarian market of a bottle made of 100% recycled material, i.e. made from other bottles The company recognizes the crucial role of consumers in waste separation and utilization and encourages them to join DEVIN’s circle in protecting the environment.