U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Merten Visited Asarel-Medet

The Ambassador of the United States of America in Bulgaria, His Excellency Kenneth Merten, visited the Asarel-Medet JSC mining company in Panagyurishte accompanied by Jen Bauer, Deputy Political and Economic Chief, and Hannah Kamenetsky, Senior Commercial Officer. The guests were welcomed by the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board, Dimitar Tsotsorkov, the Chairperson of the Management Board, Eng. Delcho Nikolov, the Executive Director, Eng. Nikolay Peltekov, and the Administrative and Regulatory activities Director, Lushka Palankalieva.

Mr. Tsotsorkov placed emphasis on the implemented automated systems and the social responsibility of the company due to which he became the first mining company manager in the worlds awarded with the SDG Pioneer of the UN Global Compact in New York. Asarel’s team told the story about the two US drill rigs, six Caterpillar front-end loaders and the concentrator plant equipment manufactured by US companies. Eng. Yuliyana Grigorova, Production Planning and Development Engineer, shared the company’s exchange of experience on pit drainage and dewatering program with mines from Nevada and California. The long-term sustainable development projects of Asarel and investments in state-of-the-art equipment, new technologies, environmental protection and occupational safety worth over 1billion BGN over the last two decades were presented.

The guests viewed the company’s exhibition dedicated to its history and the attractive collection of obsolete mining equipment that has already been decommissioned. There, they saw the first Caterpillar 992D wheel front-end loader in the mine near Panagyurishte. It was tailor-made for the client and was operational from March 1995 to 2013 when it was retired as the world mileage record holder.

His Excellency Kenneth Merten defined his visit as an impressive one and wrote in the chronicle book of Asarel: “What an impressive visit. I am so happy to see a company with this level of environmental and social responsibility. You clearly operate with the most modern and environmentally sensitive equipment –much of in from the United States! I want to thank you for the warmth and friendliness of my reception here and to wish you all much continued success!”
In Panagyurishte, the guests visited the treasure hall which hosts the Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte built in the local museum with a donation from Asarel-Medet JSC and Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov as a patron of culture. The original of the Thracian masterpiece returns to this treasure hall every year and now it is expected again in September.