Ivan Mihaylov on BloombergTV Bulgaria: For Nearly 30 Years AmCham is the Bridge for Bulgaria’s Transatlantic Economic Relations

Our neighboring countries are still attractive to western investors, therefore we need a plan in the same direction for Bulgaria. AmCham Bulgaria and the other bilateral chambers keep the bridges with foreign investors in our country. What is more, for nearly 30 years, the Chamber has held that very bridge with transatlantic trade relations, but we are not the only piece of the puzzle and we need all stakeholders for the whole mechanism to work successfully. It is our responsibility to respond to the tremendous expectations of the members of AmCham Bulgaria, to help the Bulgarian growth of the U.S. markets.

This was said on Wednesday, March 26, 2024, by Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria in a conversation with Ivaylo Lakov, anchor of ‘The World is Business’, the program of Bloomberg Bulgaria.

The focus of the conversation was Bulgaria’s participation in this year’s Transatlantic Conference of AmCham EU: ‘The transatlantic effect: shaping the global agenda’, as well as the Transatlantic Economy Report 2024.

During the transatlantic week in Brussels, the US and the EU report results. Against the backdrop of the USD 8.7 trillion estimate for the transatlantic economy, several figures come out. Compared with the previous year, there has been an increase in both trade and services. However, some topics are also raised regarding Europe’s competitiveness and how it can be interesting for US investments because inevitably all countries strive to be attractive to both the intra-European market and the US market, Ivan Mihaylov also said.

Regarding the new American investors Ivan Mihaylov also points out that against the backdrop of the current trend, the expectation is that it will not be upward if the processes in the political situation in the country and the general situation in Europe do not change.

Watch the conversation (In Bulgarian)