Elevating Business Efficiency with Custom Software Solutions

Crossroad Ltd is a company that specializes in creating custom software solutions to meet the distinct operational needs of businesses. Established in 2004, the company has been at the forefront of technological innovation, dedicated to elevating business efficiency through the latest development technologies. ALSO Bulgaria is the largest IT distributor, providing a wide range of IT products and services. Crossroad Ltd is a partner of ALSO Bulgaria, and the two companies work together to offer custom software solutions to businesses.

Powered by Microsoft Azure (Web Apps, SQL Database, Application Gateway, etc.), the solutions created by Crossroad Ltd scale effortlessly, promising peak performance and reliability. The company is highly committed to data privacy, anchored in industry-leading security standards. With a team of more than 40 highly motivated, certified experts, Crossroad Ltd prides itself on creating software solutions specifically tailored to meet the distinct requirements of its valued clients.

In addition to custom software development, Crossroad Ltd also offers software auditing and consulting, as well as software maintenance and support. Their focus on quality and security, paired with their passion for technology, ensures that their clients receive robust software solutions that drive results and foster growth.

One of the products offered by Crossroad Ltd is Data Anonymizer, a tool that utilizes advanced processing to effectively anonymize sensitive information (i.e. SQL or Oracle Database), ensuring that personal data remains untraceable and secure. With no user or database environment limitations, Data Anonymizer maintains data utility while complying with privacy standards and adapts to various anonymization needs with a customizable approach.

In conclusion, Crossroad Ltd is a company that offers custom software solutions, elevated by Microsoft Azure and secured by expertise, to help businesses raise their efficiency.
With a focus on quality, security and innovation, the partnership between Crossroad Ltd and ALSO Bulgaria helps customers elevate their operations through technology.

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