UniCredit Bulbank Launches the Market’s First Digital Document Exchange Platform for Legal Entities

UniCredit Bulbank is proud to introduce the market’s first Digital Document Exchange (DDE) platform for legal entities.

The platform is in keeping with the strategy of UniCredit Group and UniCredit Bulbank for optimisation and digitization of banking processes, products and services. The DDE solution, developed by UniCredit, will be used across CEE countries for document exchange with legal entities. This is a fully digital channel that allows companies to electronically exchange and e-sign documents with the bank in a secure environment, completely free of charge. For increased ease of access, DDE is also available through the online banking – Bulbank Online.
The platform’s main advantage is secure, confidential and reliable document signing with the option of using a one-time QES* generated by the platform or the customer’s own QES – in just 60 seconds, 3 clicks and 1 e-signature, an entire package of documents for a specific product can be signed by the customer and sent to the bank. In this way, companies can significantly decrease the time needed to access and use the bank’s products and services by signing documents without restriction from anywhere in the world.
The platform was developed through the efforts of the bank’s local and central teams, with the help of clients’ feedback. UniCredit Bulbank is one of the first banks of the UniCredit Group to launch the product and already has registered customers who actively exchange and sign documents  a shift to paperless practices which benefits the environment.

“For us, digitalisation is not just a strategic choice, but a daily solution. We are witnessing an accelerated pace of digital transformation encompassing every aspect of life, including the banking sector. Easy access to financial services is critical to a good customer experience. By implementing these types of innovative digital solutions, we are able to provide enhanced service to our customers. We thus strengthen companies’ cooperation with the bank and offer the convenience of managing banking operations without the need to visit a bank branch, thus saving valuable time and allowing customers to focus on their business,” commented Borislav Bangeev, Director of Corporate Banking at UniCredit Bulbank.

It is expected that in its first year of operation the digital solution will achieve several thousand digitally signed documents, and within two years, every second customer will use the platform as the main secure channel.

The recognition awarded by the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2023 for ‘Best Corporate Bank in Bulgaria’ and ‘Best Bank for Digital Solutions’ reflects UniCredit Bulbank’s commitment to providing its corporate clients with the highest quality financial services and innovative solutions, strengthening its leadership position in digital banking.
*Qualified Electronic Signature – issued by a Certification Service Provider in accordance with the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act (EDESA).

Additional information can be found here.