Postbank Presented Innovative AI Technologies on its Career Website for Talent Acquisition and Development

Postbank developed innovative tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) on its career website, further modernizing and facilitating the job and internship application process. The new AI technologies – “Story Builder,” “CV Assistant,” and “Interview Trainer” – enhance the financial institution’s overall strategy for attracting and developing talent, demonstrating its care for candidates and the innovation it brings to improve the overall work environment. They are part of its integrated system of digital solutions focused on gamification and personalized experiences for future employees. Postbank is the first in the Bulgarian market to introduce “AI Story Builder,” allowing candidates to assess their strengths and apply in an alternative way based on their skills, aligning with current global trends. The company is also one of the first in the country to use AI to assist candidates through the technological functionalities of “CV Assistant” and “Interview Trainer” on its career website With these innovative AI technologies, Postbank once again reaffirms its exceptional vision and high standards in applying modern approaches to talent attraction and development, establishing a strong innovative employer brand.

The three new functional modules on the bank’s career website will actively support talents in their professional journey, developing their competencies at various stages of the job and internship application process, offering them alternative approaches in the absence of experience, and enabling them to improve their overall presentation to employers.

“Story Builder” is the first tool based on the skill-based application method. Through it, candidates can share their personal story, resulting in a detailed analysis of their strengths and key skills, as well as recommendations on how to better present themselves in future situations. This functionality allows for direct application through the bank’s career website without the need for a resume. If the candidate lacks professional experience, it helps them extract all their skills and qualities based on a short personal story, directly express their interest in a position, and later add to their personal portfolio. Thanks to this approach, Postbank provides candidates, sometimes without relevant experience, with equal opportunities for a position, being part of the bank’s social strategy towards “Diversity and Inclusion.”

The second module, “CV Assistant,” aims to assist candidates in creating their resumes, offering personalized improvement advice. Its benefits include valuable feedback and specific guidance for enhancement and quality improvement of their professional portfolio, helping interested individuals not only develop their competencies but also become more competitive in the job market. This tool provides technical feedback and encourages and supports candidates in their professional path, helping them understand how to improve their presentation to potential employers.

Thanks to the third module, “Interview Trainer,” candidates can effectively prepare for interviews as it offers them realistic training and individual feedback. The application encourages the development of communication skills and prepares candidates with actual simulations for various scenarios during interviews. The AI-based training assistant analyzes strengths and weaknesses based on the responses given and provides feedback with valuable advice for improvement. With this module, candidates have the opportunity to increase their effectiveness and persuasiveness in communication, as well as to gain more confidence during interviews. The module simultaneously provides valuable assistance to candidates, improves their adaptability to the work environment, and strengthens Postbank’s position in the competitive environment for seeking and attracting new talents.

“At Postbank, we believe that technological innovations are the key to success and we embrace the variety of opportunities they unveil to us. By integrating new tools entirely based on artificial intelligence for talent acquisition, we once again impress the market with our different and unconventional approach, meeting the expectations of young people in the labor market. We provide them with various tools that allow them to extract valuable information about themselves and their key skills, improve their presentation in a competitive environment, and increase their competencies and confidence. The implementation of the new process this year coincided with the announcement of our annual internship program, whose main goal is to discover, develop, and support ambitious, creative, and bold young people with whom we continue to build the future of financial innovations. We know that the beginning of every journey is important, so our mission is to make it interesting and different for them. We are extremely happy that each year more and more talents choose and appreciate such an unconventional first meeting with us, and we are always eager for people with youthful spirit, creative minds, and a fresh outlook to join our team of leaders, to look and move together towards familiar and new peaks of success,” comments Postbank.

Postbank’s internship program is held annually and is aimed at all ambitious and talented young people motivated to prove their qualities and start their professional career in a modern financial institution, an innovative leader with over 30 years of history in the market. Young people can apply for an internship through the new modules on the bank’s career website, as well as with an Instagram CV in the special channel PostbankSuperstarter on the popular social network by sending 3 of their photos or stories, tagging the bank’s profile. Among its advantages are flexible working hours, an individual training and support plan from a mentor throughout the internship period, exclusive access to innovative learning platforms, work on real projects and participation in interesting master classes, attractive remuneration, the opportunity for permanent employment and career counseling, as well as receiving a certificate for completing the internship at the institution. Its 2023 edition marked exceptional success as a total of 173 interns were appointed to various departments and offices of the bank, and more than 30% of them continued their careers in permanent positions at the financial institution.

Those wishing to join this year’s internship program at Postbank can apply at any of the institution’s locations from its extensive branch network throughout the country, and the positions announced in its central management are in the following areas: “Retail Banking,” “Corporate Banking,” “Individual Banking,” “IT and Technologies,” “Credit Administration,” “Compliance,” “Management of Problematic Assets,” and others.

As a leading top employer in the country, Postbank has been repeatedly recognized over the years for its innovations and projects in the field of human resources. In 2024, the financial institution received the Top Employer certificate from the international independent Top Employers Institute for the second consecutive year, demonstrating its commitment to providing better working conditions and care for employees, and showcasing its exceptional practices and policies in the field of human resources. During the Employer Branding Awards 2024 by B2B Media Group, the bank was awarded three gold prizes in the categories “Creative Thinking,” “Excellence in Teamwork,” and “HR Excellence.” “In the Career Show Awards 2023, a competition for the title of Best Employer in Bulgaria, the company secured the highest number of gold awards among all participants, winning a total of four in the categories: “Best Employer” for “Banking” and “Finance,” “Use of Technology in HR,” and “HR Team.” Additionally, it earned a distinguished fifth award in the most competitive category, “Best Employer for 2023.” Postbank also became the only winner from Bulgaria in the international contest Employer Brand Stars Awards 2023, where it competed with employers from over 30 countries and received two awards for: “Use of Digital” and “Candidate Experience.”

More information regarding Postbank’s internship program, as well as the advantages and values of the institution as a leading employer in the country, can be found at