Rumyana Peteva, HR Director, Kamenitza AD: Women in Bulgaria are Courageous and go Towards Their Professional Dreams 

“The international conference “EmpowerHer 2024: Elevate to Excellence Conference”, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, addressed important aspects of supporting working women and promoting female leadership and excellence. The event brought together many women who shared personal experiences and expertise in the field of women’s economic empowerment in the workplace.”, this was stated by Rumyana Peteva, HR Director, Kamenitza AD, in a conversation with Nina Tsaneva, anchor of the program “Our Day”, part of BNR Hristo Botev Program. 

“The first initiative that kicked-off all of the other activities under the EmpowerHer umbrella was the AmCham Hackathon 2024 in partnership with Sofia University and TU-Sofia. In it, we had the opportunity as representatives of the business to meet first face with the students. They worked on business cases together with the mentorship of colleagues from different companies. Because the students worked on real case studies, the event itself was truly inspiring for us. Our team was extremely impressed, the level of knowledge and current expertise of the students was very high and we came to workable and real solutions to implement in our business reality.”, said Rumyana during the interview.

EmpowerHer Initiatives
During the conversation Rumyana Peteva put the light on the fellow initiatives under the EmpowerHer umbrella:
  • Lead and Inspire is an initiative, led by professionals from AmCham Bulgaria. In it, we are searching for coaches with whom ladies from business organizations will be able to work in the future. The process is already happening, the Chamber is already working and looking for coaches who are certified, and have the necessary hours to be able to give the corresponding added value.
  • Rise to Shine is an initiative, focused on the relations between the schools and the business in Bulgaria. In it, we are organizing lectures and other meetings with professionals from business organizations with students to tell them a bit more about the business point of view and how to improve their CV applications shortly, how to prepare for a future application to the business environment, and how to take business internships, etc.

Listen to the interview (in Bulgarian) here.