Savor the Flavor of Spring at ADOR Restaurant

At ADOR Restaurant, nestled in the heart of the city at the InterContinental Sofia Hotel, our talented pastry chef works tirelessly to bring you exquisite sweet delights to celebrate the arrival of spring in style.

Let’s start with our entreme – a true masterpiece of pastry art, followed by a fabulous interpretation of a mini pavlova, delicately garnished with fresh berries and violets. For a bright start to the day, bet on the flambéed lemon tart or try the elegantly presented cheese cream with poppy seeds, strawberries, and chocolate sprinkles. Indulge your senses with mascarpone mousse whipped to perfection and infused with a rich coffee taste, topped with juicy brownie bites, fresh raspberries, and crunchy chocolate chips.

Join us at ADOR restaurant and let us take you on an unforgettable sweet journey through the flavors of spring.