#Changethepicture Exhibition on the Lovers’ Bridge Portrays the Scope of the Cigarette Butt Littering Issue

This year the #Changethepicture awareness campaign will be packed with events designed to encourage responsible consumer behavior

Tens of thousands of cigarette butts are littered in the world every second polluting the environment. Despite their small size cigarette butts become one of the biggest pollutants in the cities and into the wild. To sound an alarm and bring attention to the scope of this serious issue the #Changethepicture campaign implemented by Philip Morris Bulgaria in conjunction with Standard Daily staged an information exhibition at one the key locations in Sofia – The Lovers’ Bridge. From 29 March to 07 April people crossing the bridge will find answers to questions such as: what cigarette filters are made of, why it could take 15 years for the filters to degrade, how many cigarette filters are littered per second and many others. The exhibition is organized in partnership with Standard Daily and in conjunction with the Municipality of Sofia.

“We organize such information exhibitions as part of the #Changethepicture campaign for the fourth consecutive time in Sofia and we are thrilled that yet again the provocative visuals will captivate the attention of the visitors at this staple location in our city. The Lovers’ Bridge gives a panoramic view of the Vitosha Mountain and the National Palace of Culture capturing the vibrancy of the city. This location perfectly conveys our most salient message, namely how important it is to be informed, to try and keep our cities and park clean of cigarette butts and other waste and to understand the impact that we have on the urban and rural environment.”, pointed out Dilyana Yakova, Regulations and Sustainability Manager at Philip Morris Bulgaria.

Since its launch in 2021 the #Changethepicture campaign has attracted the attention of the public with various projects and collaborations. Among them are the annual cleanup drives at key locations in the country, the “traveling exhibition” showing posters with information about the facts about cigarette butt littering in large and small towns, the video project implemented in collaboration with the talented students from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts “Krastyo Srafaov” and the partnerships with some of the most significant art, music, and culture events in Bulgaria.

The extensive schedule of events to be organized this year under #Changethepicture is designed to create a link between this socially important issue and the environmental awareness of the consumers thus encouraging them to behave responsibly.

Information exhibitions across the country
The traveling exhibition was launched in March in Blagoevgrad and in April after the current exposition at the emblematic location in Sofia it will make a stop in Haskovo in partnership with the Maritsa newspaper, then come back to the square in front of the National Theater in Sofia, travel to Targovishte in June and visit the iconic Sozopol in August.
This year again the impactful campaign posters will be displayed at the beaches of the Black Sea – more than 100 prints put up on lifeguard stations and changing rooms at 50 beaches will lead the beachgoers to reflect if the cigarette butts belong in the sand.

Art collaborations
The successful partnership between #Changethepicture and NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov” continues for a third year in a row and a new series of videos inspired by the campaign messages and created by second-year students as part of their education in public service advertising will be presented in May. The collaboration between the talented students from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts is one of the best-received campaign activities. (You can watch all the videos at Special Projects – Change the Picture (promenikartinkata.bg) )

Cultural and art events
Firmly believing that art is a universal language that can overcome prejudice and inspire people to make steps for a better tomorrow this year again #Changethepicture will join efforts with some of the most exciting culture and art events in Bulgaria. The events calendar of the campaign includes partnerships with the jazz festivals A to Jazz in Sofia and Bansko Jazz Fest, OPEN BUZLUDZA 2024, Varusha South in Veliko Tarnovo, Bedechka Festival in Stara Zagora, the arts and books festival Musagena New Vibes Festival, the Rivers of Sofia, Apolonia in Sozopol, The International Film Festival in Burgas, the book to film festival Cinelibri and many others.

Volunteer cleanup drives
Convinced that everyone can have a positive impact on the environment #Changethepicture will organize a series of volunteer cleanup drives in which dozens of campaign supporters and partners will take part. The cleanup drives this year will be inspired by the World Cleanup Day and will take place in Sofia and Plovdiv.

You can learn more about the campaign and the future campaign activities at https://promenikartinkata.bg/ and https://www.facebook.com/PromeniKartinkata.bg