Crisis Management: A Master Class with Chris Potts

Dear AmCham Members,

AUBG will welcome Dr. Chris Potts for a master class in Crisis Management on Wednesday, 15 May 2024 from 3 to 6 PM at our Sofia campus in the Elieff Center for Education & Culture.

Dr. Potts, a member of the AUBG Board of Trustees and a seasoned investor and business leader, brings over three decades of international experience to this session. During this intensive case-based training, Dr. Potts will guide participants through the intricacies of managing a complex company crisis with potentially critical implications for the organization. His deep knowledge and strategic approach will equip attendees with the skills to effectively navigate and resolve crises, ensuring the best interests of their organizations are preserved.

Dr. Potts’ extensive expertise and engaging teaching style make this a unique opportunity to gain practical and substantial knowledge. Participants will learn to identify early warning signs, prevent potential crises, and devise strategic solutions, gaining invaluable practical and substantial knowledge.

Please note that availability for this master class is limited, and seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Register today to secure your spot.