Unlock Your Power is Looking for Female Applicants to be Coached

Success never comes alone. It happens because of our communities and the people who support us. That’s why AmCham Bulgaria is launching an initiative to support the best and the brightest among us – the leaders.

Unlock Your Power Project is a Coaching program, part of the EmpowerHer Initiative for 2024,
to benefit the AmCham Bulgaria members.

The project aims to create opportunities for development of the individual potential and talent of female leaders through active collaboration with experienced professionally certified coaches.

On the long run, the program aims to positively contribute to gender equality across business leadership roles and to enhance the focus on diversity in the business environment.

In compliance with the Chamber’s philosophy for creating multiple, diverse, and beneficial opportunities for its members, members from our companies – certified Coaches will donate pro-bono up to 6 (six) coaching sessions to selected women leaders in order to support and accelerate their development.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is temporary individual, professional help aiming to support the Client to increase his/her performance and development. The aim of the mutual work is the Coach to support the Client to help himself/herself.  This is achieved in a series of individual session, where the Coach supports the Client to sharpen his/her focus, to boost his/her confidence, to nurture his/her energy and/or commitment or to “get unstuck”.

Coaching is not:
  • Training – it is not about training a specific skill or behaviour, neither it is a knowledge transfer.
  • Mentoring – it is not about providing advice and guidance for reaching the goals.
  • Therapy – it is not about dealing with specific situations such as depressions, panic attacks etc.
Who can apply for Unlock Your Power Coaching program, to work pro-bono with a certified Coach?

Female leaders on a people-management role (a role on which the leader has direct reports reporting to her) with at least 1 year on a people-management role (the current role and/or any other people management role), who are employed at the time of the Coaching Program application and Coaching program start for an active AmCham Bulgaria member company

What is the commitment the applicants should be ready to make?

Female leaders applying for this opportunity to work with a certified Coach should be committed in their personal self-development and should be available in the period June – Nov 2024 to benefit from the pro-bono coaching relationship (up to 6 sessions) with dedication.

Next steps:
  1. Deadline: Appy till June 5th, 2024
  2. The applicant selects theirs top 3 choice of Coaches from the list of proposed Coaches who will donate pro-bono their coaching services
  3. The applicant is matched to one of the selected top 3 Coaches
  4. In June – program start with an opening offline (in person) event with all Clients and all Coaches.

Client responsibilities:

  • Individual responsibility: The Client will be responsible for
    • the time scheduling of the coaching sessions,
    • showing up the assigned coaching sessions,
    • the active participation during and between the coaching sessions.

The Client is responsible for the success and the progress of the work towards the achievements of the coaching goal (s).

  • Voluntary participation: the Client uses the coaching service voluntarily.