AmCham Bulgaria & Mastercard: Leadership and Partnership for Sustainable Impact

In June 2024 the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria organized a CEO Thought Leadership networking session for its members under the motto Leadership and Partnership for Sustainable Impact.

Olivier Marquette, the president of AmCham Bulgaria Board of Directors and President for AES Bulgaria and head of Business Development for Eurasia made an overview of the Bulgarian investment environment and how technology businesses and digitalization of economy serve as main competitive advantage and growth driver for the country. International business in Bulgaria has been continuously a backbone of development as the political environment changes and evolves.

The event was attended by a guest speaker Mark Barnett, President of Mastercard Europe, who is visiting Sofia for the first time and had a fireside chat with Konstantin Vulkov, Program Director of Darik on leadership learnings and insights they have from business, top tennis legends and humanity evolution. Mark and Konstantin spoke about the long-term partnership of Mastercard with UEFA and Roland Garros, the priceless experience to meet your star in person and how legendary sports players can teach us resilience, focus and strategy that we can apply in our everyday lives.

Recently we celebrated Bulgaria among top 10 in terms of number of applications of innovative SMEs applying into Mastercard’s Strive EU Innovation Fund – a brand-new initiative aimed at accelerating the development of solutions to support European small businesses on their digital journey. Mastercard’s NGO leg Center for Inclusive Growth is selecting the best among sustainability, data protection, cybersecurity, embedded finance and AI solutions.

Mark Barnett also shared how global business has already shifted from growing shareholders value thinking to a the broader vision of taking into account stakeholders like unprivileged groups, wildlife animals and the planet itself. Based on this, Mastercard’s commitment is to bring 1 billion people and 50 million small and medium-sized businesses into the digital economy by 2025 and it is so serious, that as of 2022, compensation for all employees is linked to three ESG priorities: achieving carbon neutrality and promoting carbon neutrality in our network, financial inclusion, and gender pay parity.

The session was closed with a short emotional documentary on Sofia city signature places and sounds, developed in a partnership between the citizens’ platform #SoSofia, Sofia Municipality, Sofia Airport and Mastercard.

Moments from the event