Philip Morris Celebrates 10 Years of IQOS Globally – The Emblematic Innovation in the Smoke-Free Journey

Celebrating the 10th anniversary since the global launch of IQOS the company introduces the new IQOS ILUMA limited edition Neon Purple

Sofia, 06 June 2024. Philip Morris International (PMI) marks ten years since the global launch of IQOS, the tobacco heating system that was the company’s first step toward fulfilling its smoke-free vision. Today PMI’s smoke-free alternatives are available in 80 markets worldwide and IQOS is the leader in the category with more than 28M users 20.8M of which have stopped smoking, and the rest are in the process of conversion. In 25 markets the revenues from the company’s leading smoke-free alternative exceed 50%.

Over the last decade, Philip Morris International has been continuously working to expand its portfolio of scientifically substantiated smoke-free alternatives while taking into account the expectations of adult consumers.

“This anniversary is an opportunity for us to reflect back at what we have accomplished and the real-life experiences that we have acquired, as well as to reconfirm our commitment to delivering a smoke-free future. For us the past ten years were a continuous process of improvement and of expanding our portfolio of smokefree alternatives to achieve positive impact on millions of adult users in the world and in Bulgaria. We persist in innovating, relying on science and offering products to our consumers that meet their needs and are potentially a better alternative to smoking,” said Demian Pintos, General Manager of Philip Morris Bulgaria.

To mark the anniversary in its journey of constant innovation and progress the company will launch its new IQOS ILUMA limited edition Neon Purple on the Bulgarian market. It comes to Bulgaria after a very successful launch in Japan and following a successful introduction at IQOS ILUMA STARDRIFT at the end of last year. In this way the company celebrates 10 years of sustained progress and reaffirms its mission to build a community of millions of adult smokers worldwide who have made a change by leaving cigarettes behind and embarking on a smoke-free journey.

The design of the new IQOS ILUMA limited edition Neon Purple is inspired by the neon purple colour. All three models of the limited edition feature an anodized aluminium body in eye-catching violet colour – neon purple.

“With the launch of IQOS ILUMA in Bulgaria we revolutionized the category by introducing the bladeless induction heating technology which eliminated the need to clean the holder. The IQOS ILUMA limited edition Neon Purple also uses this innovative heating system and furthermore it received the Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG product design award for its stylish aesthetics and bold color scheme,” shared Polina Ninova, Head of Marketing, Digital and Consumer Experience for SFP Category at Philip Morris Bulgaria. “By launching this product we are celebrating first and foremost the growing community of adult consumers and partners with whom we are advancing our smoke-free mission in Bulgaria. Our tenth anniversary is a chance for us to direct attention to this diverse community.”

Neon and the compelling power of its flares became the focus of the creative inspiration of chef Ilian Kustev and restaurant owner Yavor Sarafov who joined the Neon Purple road show in several major cities in Bulgaria which broght together representatives of the Bulgarian IQOS community which includes more than 350 000 adult users. The beloved masters of culinary art created a collection of chocolates harnessing the power of the neon color.

“We are grateful to Philip Morris Bulgaria for inviting us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of IQOS globally by developing a special limited edition of neon-inspired chocolates. Reproducing a color in food was a real challenge, but we were provoked by the idea which is the reason why the outcome was so successful,” shared chef Ilian Kustev.

“This is the first time I’ve had to develop food using color, technology, and design. I believe we came very close to recreating the vibe of the IQOS ILUMA limited edition Neon Purple using food as a medium of expression. Inspired by creativity, we produced a selection of chocolates, each with its own distinct character and original recipe. The first one has a taste of tobacco and cherry, the second one incorporates salted caramel, and the third one has cassis,” said the restaurant owner Yavor Sarafov.

The series of events will continue throughout the month in different locations in Bulgaria – Sofia, Burgas, and Varna.