Olivier Marquette at the Bulgarian Collective Action Platform Launch: Transparency is Key in Fighting Corruption

On Friday, June 14, 2024, AmCham Bulgaria took part in the launching of the Bulgarian Collective Action Platform. The Chamber partnered in a consecutive event of the introduction of the High-Level Reporting Mechanism in Sofia, Bulgaria. This multi-stakeholder initiative was organized by the Basel Institute on Governance, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development, and USAID. The event welcomed views and a discussion of representatives of the local business community, including Olivier Marquette, AmCham Bulgaria President, as well as national and local government representatives. The BCAP will provide regular opportunities for key stakeholders from the business community, civil society and national and local governments to discuss and build consensus around countering corruption and raising standards of government and business integrity.

Keynote speakers and panelists included: our own Nicola Bonucci, Bulgarian Deputy Finance Minister Martin Danovsky, City of Sofia Mayor Vassil Terziev, the U.S. Department of State Global Coordinator on Anti-Corruption Richard Nephew, OECD – OCDE Blue Dot Network Edwin Lau, Business at OECD (BIAC) Nicola Allocca, EBRD‘s Matthew Jordan-Tank, and European Investment Bank (EIB)‘s Emily Sinnott, U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria Kenneth Merten, AmCham Bulgaria‘s Olivier Marquette, Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce‘s Boni Bonev (Mr), Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association‘s Vasil Velev. We were grateful to receive the support also by Confindustria Bulgaria Roberto Santorelli and Italian Ambassador to Bulgaria H.E. Giuseppina Zarra.

During his intervention, Olivier Marquette said: “Transparency is key in fighting corruption. Promotion of Rule of Law and fight against corruption are fundamental pillars of the improvement of the business environment and investment climate in Bulgaria, which is a key strategic objective of AmCham Bulgaria over the years. I used the image that corruption is like mushrooms, both like to grow in the dark. The tool Blue Dot Network is a great way to promote projects and their sponsors, and decrease the risk of them being subject to bad practices, because such projects will be under review by independent third parties.”

“Involving all stakeholders of large infrastructure projects at the early stage of the project is key to protect projects against corrupt individuals. It allows to articulate clearly the benefits of the project for a wide range of stakeholders, be it local communities, government, regulator, suppliers, partners, employees. This leads to a wider network of supporter of the project, which increases its overall chances of success,” he pointed also.

Friday’s Platform event was hosted by the Basel Institute on Governance Collective Action at the Basel Institute in collaboration with the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association, the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

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