AmCham Bulgaria Continues to Realize Its Priorities in Strategic Areas in the Social-Economic Domain in the Country

In the end of the first half of the active business season, the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria wants to share to the broader public about how it works for the realization of its priorities in strategic spheres of the social-economic domain of the country.

AmCham Bulgaria implements the approved by the Board of Directors of the Chamber’s priorities that led to the creation of tangible goals by all its Committees, which are inline with the above priorities. All of this aims to add value to its members, as well as while partnering together with various stakeholders and professional communities – to contribute to the further improvement of the investment climate and the business environment in Bulgaria. This is in a nutshell the process that was initiated in January and that concluded in early June this year. In the beginning of 2024 members had to nominate their representatives for the co-chairs of the committees. Then, in March the Board elected the co-chairs that will work in chamber’s six committees, which was followed by presentation of and discussion on their priorities in two consecutive meetings of the Board – in May and in June 2024. Since then all co-chairs have actively started to work with their colleagues in the committees.

“AmCham Bulgaria Board is extremely satisfied by the process of co-chairs election, which enables the continuation of the work of Amcham committees that support the achievement of Amcham strategic priorities. We are pleased that the participation in the process was very strong, showing the breadth of expertise and leadership in each committee. The elected co-chairs presented the 2024 priorities of all committees to the Amcham Bulgaria board. We believe that the needed balance between the legacy projects and the new ones is achieved. We are highly encouraged by the level of engagement of the new co-chairs, and the quality of the work plan for each committee in 2024. The Board thanks the outgoing co-chairs for their outstanding work, and wishes success to the new co-chairs,” – Olivier Marquette, AmCham Bulgaria President explained the evaluation of the AmCham Board of the process so far.

“It is satisfying indeed, that all the efforts that were invested in this new approach for building up and further improvement of the work of our committees already gives result. Now we are witnessing the “pass forward” effect that in our view consists of that the engagement of the newly appointed co-chars is already transmitting to those professionals that attened at the first meetings or declared interest in the realization of their priorities – legacy ones and new ideas,” said Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria who was the driving force of this another novelty approach in committees management.

Campaign and Committees 2024

The Co-Chairs Election Campaign 2024 (with a two-year mandate 2024-2025) included all five existing committees of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria: 1) Energy and Mineral Resources; 2) Healthcare; 3) Digital Economy, 4) Human Capital and Education and 5) Rule of Law and Legislative Reforms.

The AmCham Board decided in May 2024 the upgrade of the ESG Working Group to a ESG Committee co-chaired by Boyan Rashev, Partner, EY denkstatt Bulgaria and Marina Kobakova, Country Manager for Buglaria, ING Bank.

Committees – Co-Chairs, Priorities 2024 – 2025


  • AnnaMarie Vilamovska, Business Development Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium
  • Plamen Zhechev, Private and Public Sector Manager, Cisco Systems Bulgaria


  • Digital Transformation and e-governance;
  • Digital education, skills and jobs;
  • Regulations;
  • Digital technologies and innovation.
See AmCham BG Digital Economy Committee Priorities 2024 – 2025


  • Dimitar Enchev, co-founder and CEO, CWP Global
  • Hon. Prof. Eng. Iliya Garkov, Ph.D., Vice President Dundee Precious Metals Inc.


  • Elaborating and promoting a long-term energy transition and decarbonization strategy for Bulgaria.
  • Promoting a trustworthy and transparent investment environment, and reduction of the administrative burden of permitting and investment procedures
  • Raising awareness about what’s required to remain competitive in a decarbonizing world, and the significant opportunity and advantage energy transition metals could give Bulgaria.
See AmCham BG Energy and Mineral Resources Committee Priorities 2024 – 2025


  • Dr. Boryana Alexieva, Public Relations and Patient Engagement and Advocacy, Johnson & Johnson Bulgaria
  • Luka Chichov, General Manager for CEE, IQVIA Bulgaria


  • Over-arching theme: to increase the effectiveness of the Healthcare system of Bulgaria, with specific projects:
    • Hospital Care Effectiveness:
    • Implementation of full-scale digitaltion in Healthcare;
    • Investments in prevention and health screening
See AmCham BG Healthcare Committee Priorities 2024 – 2025


  • Boycka Docheva, HRL Bulgaria, Client Facing HRP, IBM Bulgaria
  • Vladislav Marinov, HR Manager Global Operations, Sensata Technologies Bulgaria


  • Committee membership activation
    • Annual Pulse Check-up
    • Update of the HCE Committee Members Directory
    • Quarterly meetings
  • Improvement of internal and external cooperation
    • Inter-Committee Synergy
    • External organizations engagement
  • Advocating for a Better Business Environment: Changes in Labor Legislation
    • Easier Access of foreign employees to the local labor market
    • Digital transformation of the labor processes
    • Legislative changes aiming at modern and adaptive Bulgarian labor legal landscape
    • Participation in a working groups for amendments to the Labor Code within the scope of Rule of Law
    • Report: Human Capital/Bulgarian Labor Market by 2030
  • Collaboration with Universities and Students
  • Extend the AmCham Network
    • Connect AmCham members with Academia
    • Career orientation
  • Reform of the vocational education in Bulgaria
    • 10 Years Dual Education in Bulgaria Conference – 2025
    • Dual Education – Resource base for AmCham Members
See AmCham BG Human Capital and Education Priorities 2024 – 2025


  • Omourtag Petkov, Partner, Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov, and Velichkov Law Firm


  • Active monitoring of the upcoming new Law on Judicial Power and the future work on major amendments to the Code of Administrative Procedure:
  • Rule of Law Platform creation
  • Legislative Reforms Advocacy:
    • Law of Commerce Modernization Project – cont.
    • Public Procurement Law – educational campaign and advocacy
    • Substantial amendments of the Labor Code
    • Focus on AI
    • Engagement with money-laundering prevention
  • Working Groups
    • Law of Commerce
    • Labor Code
    • Public Procurement
    • FATF / Moneyval
  • Investment screening legislation in Bulgaria
See AmCham BG Rule of Law and Legislative Reforms Priorities 2024 – 2025


  • Boyan Rashev, Partner, EY denkstatt Bulgaria
  • Marina Kobakova,  Country Manager for Bulgaria, ING Bank.


  • Cooperation with industries
  • Capacity building,
  • Advocacy and representation
See AmCham BG ESG Committee Priorities 2024 – 2025

Regional and Transatlantic Advocacy  

  • Promotion of trade and investments among Bulgaria, the United States and Canada.
  • Promotion and development of the AmCham BG Office in the United States.

Regional and International Initiatives

  • Restart of the regional strategic aspects – energy, digitalization, education, etc.
  • Western Balkans initiatives.

Sustainable Business Climate and Investment Environment

  • Rule of Law
  • Energy Transition / EU Green Deal
  • Eurozone accession of Bulgaria
  • Healthcare Sector Reform, E-Health
  • Best practices in public procurement

Digital Economy and Innovation

  • Digital Transformation, cyber-securyt, and data protection
  • Innovation and capacity in research and development
  • Technology transfer.

Human Capital

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Education
  • Future of Work