Who we are

The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria unites over 330 American, Bulgarian, and multinational companies operating in the country. For its 28 years the Chamber has become a leading business organization by initiating events covering topics in the following areas: economy, international and national policies, and social sphere.

The AmCham’s mission is to improve the business environment, investment climate, and living standards in the country by advocating to all stakeholders – government, business, NGO-s, and media – for productive dialogue and partnership.

How we help

For over 28 years now, AmCham has been the network of the leaders of the American, Bulgarian and international business community. Through the meetings we arrange and the publications we produce, we keep our members abreast of legislative changes, offer advice on economic matters and provide information of newfound business opportunities within Bulgaria and abroad. We lobby on behalf of our membership and advocate for their legitimate interests. Our members continued interest in the organization serves as a testament to the Chamber’s role as the ideal venue for lobbying and networking opportunities. Due to our good relations with the U.S. Embassy, we have been successful in representing U.S. business interests within Bulgaria.

Since the Spring of 2022, AmCham Bulgaria established its U.S. Office – which is based in Washington D.C. It serves to Bulgarian companies that have plans to start operations or export to the United States, and vise-versa – American and Canadian businesses that aim to relocated or expand in Europe, particularly in Bulgaria

AmCham Organs

AmCham Committees and Working Groups provide the members of the Chamber with an opportunity to actively participate in the implementation of the strategy of the Chamber and help AmCham reach its stated goals as defined in the Statutes.

The AmCham team identifies and responds to issues of concern to the business community that can be resolved by legislative and regulatory changes. Based on members input, we comment and propose new laws, amendments or position papers and advocate them with the Government, Ministries and Parliament.


AmCham fosters special Committees whose scope of activity includes tackling issues which directly or indirectly affect the operations of our member companies, as well as developing positions that AmCham as an organization can then take further to key decision makers. AmCham Committees operate with the active involvement and mutual cooperation between members for developing new ideas, sharing experiences and, ultimately, achieving common goals.

AmCham members meet regularly throughout the year discussing the relevant issues of the day with influential governmental officials, MPs, key figures within the private sector.

Working Groups

As of today, AmCham Bulgaria has the following working groups:

  • Tax and Finance
  • Communications and CSR
  • EU Green Deal
  • ESG (under preparation)

2022 – 2023 Priority Areas

The AmCham Bulgaria Board of Directors sets the Priority Areas on which the Chamber is focused in the respective period. Thus, the Committees, Working Groups, and the Team propose events, projects, advocacy or outreach activities with which the Chamber delivers concrete results and achieves its goals.

Regional and Transatlantic Advocacy 
  • Promoting the trade and investment between Bulgaria and the US  
  • Regional & International Initiatives 
Sustainable Business Climate and Investments 
  • Rule of Law 
  • Energy Transition / EU Green Deal 
  • Healthcare System Reconstruction 
  • Supply Chain Resilience 
 Digital Economy and Innovation 
  • Cyber Security & Privacy  
  • Start-up & Innovation Ecosystem Development 
  • Local Development of AI and Data Strategy  
Human Capital Development 
  • Future of work  
  • Education System Reform 
  • International Talent Attraction 

2022 – 2023 Key Initiatives

The Key Initiatives represent the dimensions it will work to promote the Priority Areas. This is the way AmCham Bulgaria positions itself in public, defends industries and members, and – moreover – works for the business climate continuous

AmCham Communication Platform

AmCham Bulgaria Communication Platform provides unique opportunities for members’ positioning and reach our business-diverse audience.Our special advertising rates for members gives excellent leverage between investment and audience

HERE you can find the advertising opportunities brochures for the AmCham Bulgaria Communication Platform (website, newsletter, and Yearbook).

Our Members

The good corporate reputation is one of the most important criteria for membership. AmCham Bulgaria brings together reputable companies and organizations from all economic sectors. The Chamber unites law and consultancy firms, advertising and PR agencies, non-profit and educational organizations, engineering and construction firms, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors and financial institutions. The AmCham community also includes companies from within the transportation & logistics sector, consumer goods manufacturers and distributors, service providers, travel agencies, IT companies as well as industrial and office equipment suppliers. All these business interests, both American and Bulgarian, share a common sense of community and a determination to help improve US – Bulgarian economic relations.

AmCham Bulgaria Core Documents

AmCham Statutes in Bulgarian – (as of July 9th, 2020)

AmCham Statutes in English – (as of July 9th, 2020)

AmCham Code of Business Conduct