The Impact We Make Together

The American Chamber of Commerce has been hosting the traditional Thanksgiving Charity Celebration for 18 years. Being a strong community of members, we can help less fortunate and disadvantaged people to change their lives for better.

Traditionally over 250 AmCham members, U.S. citizens and official guests honor the event and contribute to the charity initiative. In 2021 the AmCham Board of Directors decided to change the traditional format and to transform it in more safe and modern concept due to Covid-19 pandemic and healthcare restrictions.

The main goal is raising funds for “Get Ready to Succeed” and “Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence” Programs of the BCause Foundation (AmCham member). AmCham members are generous and long term contributors to the scholarship program.

Fundraising for the AmCham Thanksgiving Celebration 2021 will occur in 4 ways:
1. Choose a corporate sponsorship package
2. Direct public personal or corporate donations to the funds – from the Bcause Platform
3. Provide auction items in favor of charity causes
4. Corporate or personal participation in the auction by bidding for an item

Video Message by Olivier Marquette – AmCham Bulgaria President

Video Messages from some of the AmCham Tanksgiving Contributors and Partners

Video Message by Vladislav Mihov-Country Manager of JTI Bulgaria
Video Message by Vladimir Penkov – Chairman and Senior Partner of Penkov, Markov & Partners
Video Message – Irena Tzakova from Dundee Precious Metals
Video Message by UniCredit Bulbank
Video Message from Elitsa Barakova, BCause Foundation
We would like to thank to the corporate sponsors (AmCham members) of this years charity thanksgiving campaign which contribute to the causes.

In alphabetical order:

The campaign is supported by:

The platform is supported by: 

The Thanksgiving auction items were collected with the support and generosity of the following companies and AmCham members:

AmCham Bulgaria would like to thank the professionals who invested their time and knowledge in the branding creation and technical implementation of the Thanksgiving Campaign:
The Chamber would also like to thank for the collaboration in this traditional charity project to BCause Foundation – a partner and proud AmCham member.

Choose from the sponsorship opportunities below and be a part of the AmCham thanksgiving contributors.

Thanksgiving Causes

Get Ready to Succeed Fund

Get Ready to Succeed is a scholarship program, founded by BCause Foundation, supporting excelling students who have lost one or both their parents and have been raised in institutions or by relatives. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. The AmCham members are generous and long-term contributors to the program, not only with their financial support but also in providing them with opportunities for internships and career options.

For 16 years we have secured 1638 annual scholarships totally amounting to BGN 2 300 000, all provided by private donors – companies and individuals. Read more HERE.

We are proud to present some of the stories of the 2021 scholarship recipients:
Mihaela Lyubenova
  • Music education pedagogy, Piano, 3rd year
  • National Academy of Music, “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”
  • “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarship recipient for 4 years

“Dear donors, thank you for your support, for your friendship, for your trust and for your belief in us and our abilities! This program proves that there are good people on this world, who are able to give and the only thing they ask of you is to become better. Thank you for the motivation and for helping me grow!”

Goals and dreams: To continue developing my music skills and to work with children.

Anastasia Traykova
  • Music education pedagogy, Piano, 2nd year
  • The South-West University “Neofit Rilski”
  • “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarship recipient for 2 years

“I want to thank the donors for giving me the chance to perform. It would have been difficult for me to take part in all those competition, if I hadn’t got the financial support from the pro-gram.”

Melanie Pirgova
  • Military Doctor – 3rd year
  • Medical University Varna and Naval Academy “N. Y. Vaptsarov”
  • “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarship recipient for the first time

“Thank you for fulfilling our dreams! Thank you for being next to us in our road to success! Thanks to you I be-lieve in good and I am sure it exists – safe in your hearts!”

Goals and dreams: In ten years I see myself as a young lady, wearing proudly on her tender shoulders the lieutenant’s epaulettes as well as the white doctor’s coat. I believe I will be able to develop all the necessary qualities to become the main doctor for the Bulgarian Army, and why not – the first lady admiral.

Penyo Vasilev
  • Accountancy – 1st year
  • Plovdiv University “Saint Paisius of Hilendar”
  • “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarship recipient for 2 years

“I want to say a big THANK YOU to the donors for their trust and the chance they give to me. Through their donations I am able to study what I want and all the books I need.”

Goals and dreams: I dream of finishing successfully my education and earn the Accountancy Bachelor degree and the Finances Master Degree. I want to develop myself in chess and achieve all the necessary levels so that I can become one of the gross masters in Bulgaria. One of my childhood friends and I have a dream – to have our own accountancy company.

Help us write the next page of young successful Bulgarians!

Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence Fund

The Fund to Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence by BCause Foundation is targeted at organizations that provide legal, psychological, and social consultations and support crisis accommodation centers.

Women and their children receive security and protection, emotional recovery and social rehabilitation. In order to get out of the vicious cycle of violence and to continue their lives outside, they need encouragement and faith in themselves and in their capabilities.

Every fourth woman has been a victim of domestic violence.

The types of activities to be supported are:
  • Psychological and social counselling, me-diation in contacts with other institutions, counselling with lawyer and lawsuits un-der the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence, Hotline for Victims.
  • Mobile work with open reception in small settlements, so that women from the most remote villages can gain access to sup-port in a situation of violence.
  • Grants are distributed through competi-tions among organizations working in the field.
  • Food, including baby food, medicines, clothes, shoes, accommodation.
  • Professional courses in manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, and waitresses. The fund is powered by corporate and pri-vate donations.
  • Medical care – a large part of the injured are uninsured and have no income to pay for a medical examination and a medical certificate.
The crisis centers, supported by such organizations, work 24/7 but have the following budget at their disposal:
  • A sum of 1.67 leva (0.85 Euro) is the money, given by the state to support a mother and her child for daily expenses (food, transport, etc.) in a crisis center.
  • The net salary for a social worker in a crisis center for an 8-hour working day is 500 leva(about 250 Euro).
  • About 350 leva (178 Euro) is the sum supposed to suffice for electricity, heat, water and other overheads for 10 children.
This is the money the state gives. This budget manages to cover the expenses until the beginning of the summer.
The AmCham community could help them to start their normal being and to believe in themselves again!

On the occasion of the Thanksgiving Charity Campaign this year the Chamber will launch a new project – on-line fundraising auction with items that our members donated. The online auction will be officially open for bidding on November 22nd. There you will have the chance to contribute to this year charity causes by bidding for your preferred item. The auction winners will be the persons or companies with the highest bid. They will be informed and announced after the end of the auction which will be on December 6th. 

AmCham Thanksgiving Auction continues as a Kindness Countdown to Christmas. 6 Items remain to the Final of the ChristmasGiving Campiagn. Win an item to support Bulgarian children and women in need. The auction will be on the first come, first served basis.

For more information on the process, you can contact Nadezhda at [email protected] or Kalina at [email protected]

All collected funds will be allocated to this year causes.

Select your preferred item and bid for it to participate in AmCham Thanksgiving Charity Auction from the two tabs below: