JA Bulgaria 20th Anniversary Forum: Investing in Europe’s Transformers Through Education and Innovation

Event Details

JA Bulgaria 20th Anniversary Forum: Investing in Europe’s Transformers Through Education and Innovation

Date(s) - 29/11/2017
3:00 pm - 6:15 pm

JA Bulgaria is proud to announce that it will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a special forum on November 29th on the topic of “Investing in Europe’s Transformers”, and is pleased to invite all stakeholders in the field of education in Bulgaria.

The special forum “Investing in Europe’s transformers” aims to offer a broad perspective on answering questions about the future of education. The event will elaborate on the successful educational approaches needed to address the new social, economic, cultural, political, environmental, and technological challenges that Europe is facing. High-level government and business speakers and opinion leaders will outline emerging trends and solutions focusing on the importance of the “human factor” and the need to invest in individuals’ personal development.

Program Agenda

Opening and official launch of EE-Hub

The European Entrepreneurship Education Hub (EE-HUB) in Bulgaria is a joint policy-level initiative of JA Europe and Citi. Its goal is to bring together both public and private stakeholders with successful track-record in supporting the development of entrepreneurship education at regional, national and European level that will collaborate to increase the level of entrepreneurship activities across European schools.

Session 1: Where do we think Europe is today? New challenges.

The speakers in the first panel will outline the new challenges Europe is facing today – migration, social inequalities, deep social and cultural divisions, unemployment, drastic cuts of EU public investment in education (by 11%) – and their linkages with the quality of life. Each speaker in the panel will be asked to identify one area where they have seen progress and one area where there has not been progress.

Session 2: Human Capital

Through best practice examples, the speakers in this panel will offer a new perspective on why education and fostering personal responsibility can solve these new challenges. The world is changing, but education is still in the old paradigm. What is the new form of education? How can societies create “new” people who can solve new challenges, and have a happy life? What is the importance of the “human factor” (critical thinking, creativity, projects, learnability, emotions, calculated risk)?

Session 3: New Way Forward

The speakers in the third panel will share their inspiring insights in an attempt to answer key questions such as “What is the new Europe we are striving for?”, “What kind of a world do we want to live in?”

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