Enery Solar BG 1 EAD

Enery aims to be a leader in the energy transition. The company is built upon the track record of its founders and a team of 35+ specialists with in-depth experience in the acquisition and operation of renewable energy assets. Enery has secured RP Global as seed investor and controls the entire value chain within renewable power generation and can hence be a one-stop solution for industrial customers, utilities and governments in providing lowest cost and lowest possible emission electricity. The company develops, constructs, operates and acquires renewable power plants with a focus on CE and an operations led investment approach. Our focused approach is on the core markets Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland and other selected Central European (CE) countries. In 2020, we closed the acquisition of 25 MW PV portfolio in Czech Republic and Slovakia and completed the acquisition of 60 MW PV plant in Bulgaria (largest single-location asset in the region).