Muzeiko Foundation

Muzeiko is a non for profit organization. Our mission is to provoke kids’ interest towards art and science through play. We do that through various programs and activities for families and school groups in Muzeiko, where everything has been thought out down to the last detail – from the specialized architecture, through energy efficiency, to the space for interactive exhibits, each of which piques kids’ curiosity about science, engineering, ecology, communication and the arts. All of Muzeiko’s programs and content is developed by leading scientists, educators and designers and is in line with contemporary trends in education. The programs and exhibits are based on the theory of learning through play and applied activities, multiple intelligences, suggestopedia, and other techniques for accelerated learning and expanding kids’ potential. Apart from the regular science exhibitions Muzeiko’s Educational team has developed various workshops and activities that aim to widen kids’ horizons and to build them us responsible, well-educated and active future citizens.