EmpowerHer Initiative

  • EmpowerHer Initiatives 2024
  • EmpowerHer’s Vision

EmpowerHer Initiatives 2024

EmpowerBank: Where We Share, Care, and Prepare

What we want to achieve: Diverse and inclusive business
environment, Skills boost and career growth, More women
leaders, Develop a community, New opportunties on the
radar, and Employer branding & visibility.

  • EmpowerHer 2024 Conference: Ellevate to Excellence, March 8 2024
  • Pink October Celebration – hosted by IBM Bulgaria
Unlock Your Power

What we want to achieve: More women in senior
leadership roles, Boost enablement and career growth,
increase women confidence and resilience, and Empower
women to successfully navigate gender bias.

  • To find coaches among AmCham members – March – April 2024
  • Identify participants among the female young professionals in AmCham – April 2024
  • Get together for several joint sessions between coaches and coaches – April – May 2024
Rise to Shine: Empowering Next Gen Talents

What we want to achieve: School visits focused on
social skills improvement to inspire young talents, to
create confidence and courage for career development.

  • School Visits and lectures – April – May 2024
  • School Visits and lectures – September – November 2024

EmpowerHer’s Vision

Part of the founding values of our community are diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility in our daily basis as well as in the corporate world and the global economy. Moreover, we are convinced that these principles are key to effective and sustainable leadership.

EmpowerHer is a key AmCham initiative which aims to:
  • Advance women’s economic empowerment in the workplace.
  • Encourage women-led entrepreneurship.
  • Support leadership, inclusion, and corporate social responsibility in the local and global economy.
  • Foster gender equality.

We believe women’s empowerment and advancement are important to the sustainable future of the workplace and the whole society as well.

This is why AmCham’s goals are:
  • Improvement of the business environment for women.
  • Identify and create opportunities to increase awareness.
  • Enlargen companies engagement.
  • Declarations of support.

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