Peter Lithgow of AES Corporation is the New AmCham President

Daniel Berg, Petya Dimitrova and Solomon Passy Join AmCham Board of Directors

At its meeting on February 10th 2011 the AmCham Board of Directors elected Peter Lithgow, Executive Director, AES Corporation as president, and Atanas Garov, Managing Director Bulgaria, Colliers International as first vice president. The change has taken place after the elections at the AmCham General Assembly on February 8th, 2011. Thirteen candidates run for the six vacant seats at the AmCham Board of Directors. The three new members of the Board are: Daniel Berg, Director Bulgaria, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Petya Dimitrova, Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors, Eurobank EFG Bulgaria, and Solomon Passy, Founder & President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.

Atanas Garov, Managing Director Bulgaria, COLLIERS International Bulgaria, David Butts, International Head of Lifesciences Corporate M&A, CMS Cameron McKenna, and Peter Lithgow, Executive Director, AES Corporation were re-elected in the board. Mr. Garov, Mr. Butts, and Mr. Lithgow are beginning their second term in the board as they were elected at the GA in January 2009.

Certificates of honor for their contribution to the business community and dedicated service to AmCham Bulgaria were given to the outgoing president Anthony Hassiotis, Eurobank EFG Bulgaria who has served in the board in the period 2005-2011, Thomas Higgins, Balkan Accession Fund (2007-2011) and Zachary Hampson, Grenville Bulgaria (2009-2011).

The general assembly unanimously approved the annual report of the board of directors for 2010 and the adoption of the budget for 2011.

AmCham kindly thanks all other candidates who applied for the board: Andrey Bachvarov, General Manager of BICA Ltd.

John Clark, Executive Director, Enel Maritza East 3 AD,

Roman Vasilev, Director, Johnson Controls Electronics Bulgaria, Roumen Lyutskanov, Partner, Dobrev, Kinkin & Lyutskanov Law Firm, Ruben Rodriguez, General Manager, British American Tobacco Bulgaria, Sergey Koinov, Managing Partner, Forton International, and Yulian Petkov, General Executive, Ballistic Cell Ltd.

Daniel Berg of EBRD is to Ensure Active Policy Dialogue with the Business and Government

Daniel Berg became EBRD’s Director in Bulgaria in July 2010. He manages the Bank’s office which is responsible for annual investments of approximately Euro 300-400 million per year.

Prior to EBRD, Daniel worked as an economist in the US Department of Treasury.

“AmCham has a dual role of working with Government to address emerging obstacles to investment, while also promoting Bulgaria as a solid investment destination. As a board member, I can utilize my leadership and interpersonal skills to ensure an active policy dialogue with the business community and Government to ensure these objectives are achieved. I look forward to working with all of the members of AmCham to make Bulgaria an even more attractive place to do business.”

Petya Dimitrova of Eurobank EFG Bulgaria: Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

Her professional experience covers different positions in the fields of Banking, Finance, Auditing, Consultancy, Privatization, etc. In 2003 she joined the team of Postbank as Country CFO for the 8 affiliated companies of the Eurobank EFG Group in Bulgaria. In 2005 was appointed Procurator of the Bank. After the legal merger of DZI Bank and Postbank she became Executive Director and Member of BD of the new legal entity Eurobank EFG Bulgaria.

“I truly believe that I can bring business initiatives and projects, transfer know how and play an important role in optimizing the regulatory framework under which the business operates, in order to make Bulgaria a more attractive place for investments.” Ms Dimitrova ended the address with one of her favorite sayings that chance favors the prepared mind.

Solomon Passy is to Support AmCham in Overcoming Bureaucracy, Promoting Transparency and Improving Legislation in Bulgaria

In 1990 Dr Passy MP launched a Parliamentary Bill to withdraw Bulgaria from the Warsaw Pact and join NATO. Dedicated to this cause for 14 years he succeeded, as Foreign Minister to negotiate the Bulgaria’s invitation (2002) and membership in NATO (2004) and signs the Accession Agreement. In 2009 he was nominated by the Bulgarian Government for Secretary General of NATO, for which he received a support voted by the General Assembly of AmCham Bulgaria.

“I will be happy to offer – through the Board, to AmCham and its members – my network of contacts in the EU, the Balkan/ Black Sea region, NATO, the US and beyond in order to support the business agenda of our membership, as well as to widen and strengthen the effectiveness of our AmCham, both in Bulgaria and internationally. As always in my previous capacities – as Foreign Minister, Member of Parliament or as a member of AmCham – I will be happy to continue to support AmCham members in overcoming bureaucracy, promoting transparency and improving legislation for Bulgarian business practices. I will also be happy to invest my professional background in the fields of defense, security, cybersecurity, computer sciences and IT to enrich AmCham’s agenda in these and other areas which are today – more than at any time in the past – not just political issues but matters of business concern.”

Atanas Garov of COLLIERS International Bulgaria to Work in Three Main Directions

During his second term at the board Mr. Atanas Garov is intended to work actively in three main directions: business development and promotion of growth industries to the members benefit; initiate an active regional cooperation with AmCham Offices across Southeast Europe as Mr. Garov believes that the region of Southeast East Europe has an enormous potential for attracting investments, and for expanding businesses based in this region; enhance engagement of AmCham membership as there is still room for improvement in how AmCham leadership engages its members.

David Butts of CMS Cameron McKenna is to Encourage Healthy and Transparent Business Practices in Bulgaria

During his first term at the board Mr. Butts assisted AmCham in its efforts to improve the environment for fair competition, emphasized social responsibility and respect for the work force, ensured transparency, consistence and integrity in the private and public sectors, facilitated improvements in the judicial and legal systems. Mr. Butts vowed to continue supporting AmCham in encouraging healthy and transparent business practices in Bulgaria.

Peter Lithgow of AES Corporation to Further Strengthen AmCham Position in the Government-Business Dialog

During his first term at the board Mr. Lithgow will further contribute to the development of AmCham by increasing its role in the business community and strengthening its position in the government-business dialog. He is happy that AmCham continues to raise its efforts in this direction and encourages more companies to start walking the path of sustainable social responsibility. Mr. Lithgow is commited to the efforts and initiatives which AmCham has led through the years and looks forward to a successful year for AmCham and its members.