Digital Economy Committee

MissionThe mission of the Digital Economy Committee is to promote and support the digital transformation in Bulgaria both in the public and private sector with focus on eGovernance, data protection, cyber security and transposition of EU directives to the Bulgarian legislation. Another concern of the Digital Economy Committee is the educational reform in Bulgaria, how to implement more digital technologies in the educational process and increase the digital skills of young people.
ChairsMs. Iva Todorova, AmCham Board Member and Government and Regulatory Affairs Executive at IBM Bulgaria

Mr. Ivaylo Slavov, AmCham Board Member and CEO of BulPros Consulting JSC

Activities in 2018According to a decision of the AmCham Board of Directors of January 20th, 2018, the AmCham Digital Working Group has been transformed into Digital Economy Committee.

The Board of Directors has identified Digitalization as one of the key priority of the Chamber in 2018 and has outlined the following focus areas:

1. Cyber Security
2. IoT/Industry 4.0
3. eGovernance
4. Privacy

Priority areas in 2017-Digital government transformation and e-Government
-Digital education, skills and jobs
-Digital technologies and innovations
Activities in 2017On November 29th, 2017, the Digital Working Group held a meeting to discuss some main files from the EU Digital Single Market initiative which would be in the focus of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU 2018, namely, the proposals for ePrivacy Regulation and Free flow of non-personal data. During the meeting members discussed how AmCham can support and provide input to the legislative process at national level. You may read more about the discussion in the Minutes of Meeting.
On July 4th, 2017, the Digital Working Group discussed the organization of AmCham General Data Protection Regulation Event, scheduled for September, 2017. Members brainstormed on the concept, goals, format and participants of the event and other issues related to the new regulation. You may read more about the discussion in the Minutes of Meeting.

On May 19th, 2017
, the Digital Working Group held a meeting to define the mission, priority areas and action plan for the work of the Digital Working Group. More information about the key priority areas of the working group and suggested initiatives are available in the Minutes of Meeting.
Activities in 2016On November 9th, 2016, the AmCham Digital Working Group had its launch meeting where representatives from over 20 companies brainstormed about the priority areas/key issues the working group should focus on. Members defined as primary goals of the working to initiate and sustain a structured dialogue with the institutions and provide technological expertise and know how on issues arising from the digital sphere. You may read more information about the discussed topics in the Summary of Minutes of Meeting.

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