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Position on Government Measure to support Employers (60/40 Rule)AmCham Bulgaria sent a position and proposal to the Government …2020/04/07Position Papers2020-04-07 13:06:39
AmCham Proposes Changes in Emergency Law, Art. 3 to Prevent Ban of Public ProcurementOn April 2nd, 2020 AmCham Bulgaria filed an official statement …2020/04/03Position Papers2020-04-03 22:01:13
Eleven Bilateral Chambers Propose Additional Economic Measures for the Government to Combat the COVID-19 Crisis in BulgariaEleven bilateral chambers in Bulgaria sent today a joint position …2020/04/03Position Papers, AmCham News, Position Papers and Advocacy2020-04-03 14:20:26
AmCham Position on Amendments of the Emergency Law re Corporate Income Tax and Administrative Proceeding ContinuationOn January 19th, 2020, AmCham Bulgaria submitted official statement on …2020/03/20Position Papers2020-03-20 09:54:54
AmCham Position on Amendments of the Emergency Law Banning Public ProcurementOn March 19th, 2020 AmCham Bulgaria submitted to the Parliament …2020/03/20Position Papers2020-03-20 09:43:24
AmCham Position on the Bill for Amendment and Supplement of the Law on Payment Services and Payment SystemsRead the AmCham Bulgaria Position in Bulgarian here.2020/01/24Position Papers2020-01-24 14:01:47
AmCham proposals for improvement of the regulation of public relations and the institutional framework in the field of migration.On January 24th, 2020, AmCham submitted to Parliament a filled-in …2020/01/10Position Papers2020-01-10 10:44:18
AmCham Statement on the Energy Act AmendmentsOn September 13th, 2019, AmCham published a statement on proposed …2019/09/13Position Papers2019-09-13 14:42:04
AmCham Position on the Bill for Amendment and Supplement of the Underground Natural Resources ActPosition Paper2019/05/15Position Papers, Position Papers and Advocacy2019-05-15 14:17:21
Principles for International Taxation in a Digitalizing EconomyThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently issued Principles for International …2019/03/07AmCham News, Advocacy Publications2019-03-07 23:35:57
U.S. Chamber of Commerce: 2019 State of American Business AddressAbstract of Tomas Donahue’s 2019 Annual Business Address.2019/01/23AmCham News, Position Papers2019-01-23 16:02:32
Statement By the White HouseThe Trump administration welcomes Bulgaria’s defense modernization plans2019/01/09AmCham News, Advocacy Publications2019-01-09 16:29:30
AmCham, Automotive Cluster, Bulgarian Outsourcing Association, ArPharm, BAIT join efforts on R&D Investment Tax ReliefOn October 16th, 2018 AmCham Bulgaria, The Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, …2018/10/18Advocacy Publications2018-10-18 14:28:41
AmCham EU Agenda 2019-2024American business is committed to Europe.2018/10/04Position Papers, AmCham News2018-10-04 16:45:47
AmCham Proposals on the Bill for amendment and supplement of the Public Procurement ActPosition Paper2018/07/18Position Papers2018-07-18 09:22:07
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Trade and Tariff Policy UpdateGiven the recent dramatic developments in U.S. trade policy, The …2018/07/06Position Papers and Advocacy2018-07-06 16:36:06
AmCham Position on the Draft Ordinance related to the regulation of the electricity pricesPosition Paper2018/06/13Position Papers2018-06-13 13:42:00
AmCham position – Bill for amendment and supplement of the Personal Data Protection ActOn May 29, AmCham Bulgaria submitted its position on the …2018/06/01Position Papers2018-06-01 10:03:37
AmCham Bulgaria Position on 2018 Bill for Amendment and Supplement of the Energy ActAmCham Bulgaria and Confindustria Bulgaria sent a joint letter wtih …2018/04/17Position Papers and Advocacy, Position Papers2018-04-17 13:34:35
Position Paper on the Proposal for Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications (ePR)Position Paper2018/04/12Position Papers and Advocacy2018-04-12 16:23:46
Statement on the Proposal of the European Commission for taxation of the digital economyPosition Paper2018/04/11Position Papers2018-04-11 11:49:55
IMF 2017 ARTICLE IV CONSULTATIONOn February 14, 2018, the Executive Board of the International …2018/02/26Position Papers and Advocacy2018-02-26 14:12:21
AmCham EU Position Paper: The EU Cybersecurity Act ProposalWith the publication of the EU Cybersecurity Act proposal, the …2018/02/26Position Papers and Advocacy, Position Papers2018-02-26 13:00:03
AmCham EU’s position on the Risk Reduction MeasuresThe American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham …2018/02/13Position Papers, Position Papers and Advocacy2018-02-13 09:38:20
AmCham EU: Proposed directive on sales contracts remains unbalancedThe American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham …2018/02/05Position Papers, Position Papers and Advocacy2018-02-05 13:53:10
Article 29 Working Party Guidelines on Consent under Regulation 2016/679Read the AmCham EU Position Paper on Article 29 Working Party …2018/01/30Position Papers2018-01-30 09:54:35
Joint letter on Review of EU IP rules and incentives for pharmaceuticalsА joint letter related to the European Intellectual Property (IP) …2018/01/15Position Papers and Advocacy, Advocacy Publications2018-01-15 16:49:10
U.S. Chamber President: Double Down on Growth in 2018Donohue Urges Leaders to Pursue Stronger, Sustained, Shared Economic Growth2018/01/11Position Papers2018-01-11 10:04:02
Letter-request for support of Bulgaria’s application for a membership at the OECDAmCham Bulgaria addresses a request-letter to the Chairman and the …2017/12/18Advocacy Publications2017-12-18 10:04:31
BusinessEurope Position Paper on European Commission Proposal for taxation on digital economyRead the position paper of BussinessEurope regarding the European Commission’s …2017/12/05Position Papers2017-12-05 11:45:56
EU IP rules and incentives- AmCham EU position and request for actionExecutive summary The European Commission’s review of pharmaceutical incentives takes …2017/12/05Position Papers2017-12-05 11:15:29
AmCham Energy and Mineral Resources position on the Draft Rules for amendment and supplement of the Electricity Trading RulesPosition Paper2017/11/28Position Papers2017-11-28 11:12:39
Statement on the Draft Act for Amendment and Supplement of the Commercial ActPosition Paper2017/10/27Position Papers2017-10-27 16:00:17
Statement on the Draft Act for Amendment and Supplement of the Administrative Procedure CodePosition Paper2017/07/04Position Papers2017-07-04 11:29:52
Eight Bilateral Chambers Announce Position Statement on Rule of Law and Judicial ReformPosition Paper2017/06/28Position Papers2017-06-28 15:58:47
Position on the Draft Act for Amendment and Supplement of the Law on Public Offering of SecuritiesPosition Paper2017/06/13Position Papers2017-06-13 11:16:20
AmCham Issues Statement in Support of Energy Sector LiberalisationAmCham Bulgaria issued an official statement sent to the Ministry …2017/03/14Position Papers and Advocacy, Position Papers2017-03-14 12:24:36
AmCham White Paper 2017Every two years the AmCham Bulgaria’s Board of Directors revisits …2017/03/06White Paper Project2017-03-06 18:00:18
AmCham Letter to the Public Procurement Ageny related to an issue with the implementation of the new Public Procurement ActPosition paper2017/01/31Position Papers2017-01-31 09:44:42
AmCham Bulgaria Supports IT sector on preserving the levels of tax ratesAdvocacy Paper2016/12/22Advocacy Publications2016-12-22 11:36:47
AmCham Position Paper on the Draft Act for Amendment and Supplement of the Act for Medicinal Products in Human Medicine (AMPHM)Position Paper2016/11/02Position Papers2016-11-02 14:34:14
AmCham Position Paper on the Updated Draft Ordinance for Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)Position Paper2016/10/21Position Papers2016-10-21 13:52:31
AmCham Position Paper on the Draft Ordinance for Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)Position Paper2016/09/27Position Papers2016-09-27 10:54:36
Call for opinion: Review and update of AmCham White PaperWhite Paper2016/09/19White Paper Project2016-09-19 09:19:16
Public Consultation on a Draft Ordinance for Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)Position Paper2016/09/07Position Papers2016-09-07 09:43:32
TTIP: An Opportunity for Health and ProsperityTTIP Update2016/07/05TTIP Updates2016-07-05 10:23:49
AmCham Bulgaria Submits the Proposals on the Concessions Act to the ParliamentPosition Paper2016/07/01Position Papers2016-07-01 09:13:53
TTIP: The finish line and how to get thereTTIP Update2016/06/30TTIP Updates2016-06-30 14:41:17
AmCham Bulgaria Issues a Letter of Support for the Timely Adoption of the EU-US Privacy ShieldAdvocacy Paper2016/06/30Advocacy Publications2016-06-30 12:47:12
AmCham Proposals to the Draft Concessions ActPosition Paper2016/05/10Position Papers2016-05-10 15:10:45
Washington to host a second web chat on T-TIPTTIP Update2016/05/10TTIP Updates2016-05-10 11:38:42
Last Call for TTIP – The Views of European Diplomats in Washington, DCTTIP Update2016/05/10TTIP Updates2016-05-10 10:26:56
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – State of PlayTTIP Update2016/04/27TTIP Updates2016-04-27 10:15:38
Ten Arguments for TTIP and Concerns to AddressTTIP Update2016/04/01TTIP Updates2016-04-01 10:44:28
THE TRANSATLANTIC ECONOMY 2016TTIP Update2016/03/16TTIP Updates2016-03-16 10:51:54
TTIP to provide economic and social benefits to EU countries, study findsTTIP Update2016/02/17TTIP Updates2016-02-17 14:57:36
U.S. Chamber Letter on Safe Harbor AgreementAdvocacy Paper2016/01/25Advocacy Publications2016-01-25 14:52:47
Ten Chambers Send an Open Letter in Support of the Judicial ReformAdvocacy Paper2016/01/25Advocacy Publications2016-01-25 14:43:35
AmCham letter in support of the insurance industry associations’ position for fast adoption of the Code on InsurancePosition Paper2015/12/07Advocacy Publications2015-12-07 14:42:02
AmCham Board of Directors Repeals the Decision for Authorization of KRIBPosition Paper2015/11/12Position Papers2015-11-12 14:18:12
Chambers Sign a Letter on Public Health Tax BillPosition Paper2015/10/28Position Papers2015-10-28 14:16:25
Four Business Associations Publicize an Open Letter regarding amendments to the Energy Act and the Renewable Energy ActPosition Paper2015/07/13Position Papers2015-07-13 13:32:52
AmCham Open Letter on the role of KEVR for the stability of the Bulgarian Energy SystemPosition Paper2015/06/19Position Papers2015-06-19 13:19:17
AmCham Supports Proposals of the Bulgarian Soft Drinks AssociationPosition Paper2015/05/28Position Papers2015-05-28 13:09:01
AmCham Submits Proposals Regarding the Draft New Public Procurement ActPosition Paper2015/05/05Position Papers2015-05-05 13:22:42
European Commission Report on TTIP Effects on European SMEsTTIP Update2015/04/21TTIP Updates2015-04-21 15:50:50
Ninth round of talks on the TTIPTTIP Update2015/04/17TTIP Updates2015-04-17 11:05:24
The top 10 myths about TTIPTTIP Update2015/04/09TTIP Updates2015-04-09 11:12:38
EU negotiating texts on TTIP Go OnlineTTIP Update2015/01/07TTIP Updates2015-01-07 13:56:41
Commission mulls TTIP minus investor arbitrationThe European Commission may have changed its view over including …2014/10/24TTIP Updates2014-10-24 14:07:00
EU reveals US trade talks agenda in key TTIP documentMEPs and the EU Commission have welcomed publication of the …2014/10/10TTIP Updates2014-10-10 14:10:04
European Business Alliance for TTIP: “Regulatory Component in the TTIP – Key to Success”TTIP Update2014/09/30TTIP Updates2014-09-30 14:53:16
AmCham White Paper 2014AmCham White Paper in Bulgarian and English.2014/09/01White Paper Project2014-09-01 09:45:43
Bulgaria and the USA are committed to work for expansion of the active bilateral dialogueTTIP Update2014/08/21TTIP Updates2014-08-21 15:39:59
AmCham Submits a Position on Public-Private PartnershipsPosition Paper2014/06/10Position Papers2014-06-10 11:22:08
AmCham Alarms Authorities over Proposals of the State Energy RegulatorPosition Paper2014/06/09Position Papers2014-06-09 11:17:58
TTIP at the forefront of international trade?TTIP Update2014/04/23TTIP Updates2014-04-23 15:42:20
AmCham Initiatives / TTIP Update AmCham Brochure “Together for Jobs and Growth: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”TTIP Update2014/03/31TTIP Updates2014-03-31 13:19:59
AmCham Position on the Draft Act for amending and supplementing the Health Insurance ActPosition Paper2014/03/17Position Papers2014-03-17 11:14:55
FT: Sticking points remain in trade talks, say officialsTTIP Update2014/02/19TTIP Updates2014-02-19 13:22:55
Chief EU negotiator defends US trade pact in BerlinTTIP Update2014/02/13TTIP Updates2014-02-13 13:31:23
Hollande to Obama: Let’s agree TTIP fastTTIP Update2014/02/12TTIP Updates2014-02-12 13:42:25
AmCham Position on the Draft Strategy for e-Governance Development in the Republic of Bulgaria 2014-2020Position Paper2014/02/12Position Papers2014-02-12 11:09:56
Expert group to advise European Commission on EU-US trade talksTTIP Update2014/02/03TTIP Updates2014-02-03 13:47:09
AmCham Position on the Bills for amendments to the Labor Code in relation to traineeshipsPosition Paper2014/01/31Position Papers2014-01-31 11:04:19
TTIP – AmCham EU Bulletin JanuaryTTIP Update2014/01/30TTIP Updates2014-01-30 13:50:29
Brussels wants to hear more on TTIP investor-state dispute clauseTTIP Update2014/01/23TTIP Updates2014-01-23 14:25:42
Interview of Jozeph Quinlan, U.S. Trust, Bank of America for Manager MagazineTTIP Update2014/01/20TTIP Updates2014-01-20 14:29:11
Brussels sets advisory group on EU-US trade dealTTIP Update2014/01/20TTIP Updates2014-01-20 14:18:15
Outreach – Update on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – Third Negotiation RoundTTIP Upate2014/01/10TTIP Updates2014-01-10 14:41:35
Third Round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) TalksTTIP Update2014/01/07TTIP Updates2014-01-07 14:45:59
AmCham Develops an Energy Sector Position PaperPosition Paper2013/12/09Position Papers2013-12-09 10:54:18
AmCham Position on the Proposed Increase of Maximum Social Securities Threshold, 2014 Budget ProcedurePosition Paper2013/11/04Position Papers2013-11-04 10:42:01
AmCham Position on the Bill for Amendments of the Public Procurement ActPosition Paper2013/10/03Position Papers2013-10-03 10:29:03
AmCham Position on the Excise Taxation Policy in Bulgaria, September 23, 2013Position Paper2013/09/23Position Papers2013-09-23 09:20:46
AmCham White Paper 2013AmCham White Paper 2013 in Bulgarian and English.2013/04/01White Paper Project2013-04-01 09:22:39
AmCham White Paper 2009AmCham White Paper 2009 in Bulgarian and English.2009/04/01White Paper Project2009-04-01 09:11:30